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African Union suspends Guinea after coup

Guineans riding with the soldiers following the coup

Guineans riding with the soldiers following the coup

The African Union said on Friday it was suspending Guinea after a coup in the West African country that saw its president Alpha Conde arrested.

The pan-African body said on Twitter that it "decides to suspend the Republic of Guinea from all AU activities and decision-making bodies".

The move came after Guinean special forces seized power on Sunday and arrested Conde, who had come under increasing fire for perceived authoritarianism.

The AU had on Sunday condemned the military takeover and called for the release of Conde, who became the country's first democratically elected president in 2010.

Its move came a day after the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) also suspended Guinea and said it was sending a mission to the country to evaluate the situation there.

The AU's Political Affairs, Peace and Security Council said it called on AU Commission chief Moussa Faki to "engage with stakeholders in the region" on the crisis.


+3 #1 Lysol 2021-09-12 03:58
Yes Museveni, Africa will have to go backwards to make changes, if the likes of you do not want to give the new generations a change to determine the future of Africa.

Coups will continue in Africa until the old guards are gone. The future is bright for Africa with news leaderships with new ideas, God bless Africa!
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+1 #2 Jonathan 2021-09-12 12:38
The truth is that the African leaders who always amend the constitutions of their countries to secure a third term in office .....are the one who are taking africa backward not military coup plotters as president museveni wanted us to believe.
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0 #3 kabayekka 2021-09-12 14:32
"The AU's Political Affairs, Peace and Security Council said it called on AU Commission chief Moussa Faki to "engage with stakeholders in the region" on the crisis."

Who exactly are stakeholders in these countries of this region? It is not the African military - ECOWAS or the leadership of these African expensive military organizations.

On the continent of Africa, the major stake holders are the people power as the constitution of Uganda states.

There is no other. The best these confused AU elites can do is to put pressure on the military in Guinea to arrange a democratic free and fair election for the sake of good governance for the benefit of the people of this poor African country!
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0 #4 kabayekka 2021-09-12 14:40
There are no heroes in this coup other than the courageous African people of Guinea who have been fighting African tyranny for all their lives.

And it has always been the Armed forces and a vicious police force in that country who have been beating, and arresting and even killing these citizens to keep them quite!
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+2 #5 Akao 2021-09-12 16:35
This Chinese (African) union is so selective, museveni killed a lot of people in Uganda during the fake election, they don't say a thing. How many people got killed in Guiena coup.

African Union is full of old tired men like museveni and that conde guy, all they want is protecting their family interest and chinese exploitation of the African continent
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0 #6 Lakwena 2021-09-14 08:42
The AU whose budget is foreign funded, is a toothless lapdog that lacck the moral authority to condemn anything in Africa..

E.g., on 18 and 19th November 2020; where was the AU condemnation, when the King of Bloodshed and General killer Tibuhaburwa was unleashing dehumanizing violence and massacring innocent Ugandans on the streets of Kampala?

The General killer even unilaterally withdrew and deployed some of the UPDF-AU contingent force in Somalia to viciously molest Ugandans during the last General Election.

In other words, because of such abuse of power and office, suppose some of the Generals and/or Drill Sergent Doe in the UPDF deposed Gen Tibuhaburwa, what justification would the AU have to condemn a coup in Uganda?

Just asking
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