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Mpuuga attacks Otafiire over Masaka killings remarks

LoP Mathias Mpuuga (R) says Otafiire's remarks mean that government is punishing Masaka for their political choice

LoP Mathias Mpuuga (R) says Otafiire's remarks mean that government is punishing Masaka for their political choice

The Leader of Opposition in Parliament (LoP), Mathias Mpuuga has attacked the Internal Affairs minister Maj Gen Kahinda Otafiire over the statements he made, attributing the machete-wielding (bijambiya) killings in Greater Masaka to the region's rejection of the NRM candidates in the previous elections.

Speaking at the funeral of Canon Mary Nabunya Senyonjo, the late wife to Bishop Christopher Senyonjo, the former Bishop of West Buganda Diocese, Mpuuga said that Otafiire's statement can be taken to mean that the government is punishing the people of Masaka for the choices they made during this year's general elections.

While appearing on NBS TV's prime Thursday night political talk show; the Frontline, Otafiire claimed that Masaka didn't witness such killings when the ruling NRM dominated the sub-region's politics.

The minister went on say that say that there is insecurity in the sub-region because someone else is politically in charge. This, Mpuuga said is an admission of knowledge of who is behind the killings.

Eulogising the deceased, Mpuuga hailed Canon Mary Senyonjo for her dedicated service to the Church, specifically West Buganda Diocese where her husband, the Rt Rev Christopher Senyonjo served as Bishop for 24 years.

She died on September 5, 2021, at the age of 81 of kidney failure. She is survived by a husband, seven children and 15 grandchildren.


+1 #11 kasede 2021-09-11 01:13
Quoting P. Goldberg:
That is why there is what is called retirement. The brain is no longer sharp. The General should have retired long ago and enjoy the few years left of his life with his great grand children.

Why should the people of Masaka only be protected by the ruling party. Aren’t they Uganda citizens. That is old politics which should not be tolerated in Africa.

In other parts of the world the General would have been questioned on that that kind of remark. He must indeed know something about the killing in Masaka.

It is now SURELY Buganda Vs NRM-M7 after their "FALL-OUT" [Just as it was Buganda Vs UPC-Obote after their fall-out in the 1960s], isn't it?

The only unknowns are where, when & how the saga will end-up. Any insider ideas or wistles out there?
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+2 #12 Remase 2021-09-11 10:50
Kasede, the only idea I have is in a form of a question, why is Mengo/Mayiga/Mutebi are still hooked up on M7/NRM?

Just recently Mutebi visited M7 [which is the norm] whenever there's a discontent in Buganda and against M7! Why?

Yet Mutebi clearly knows that M7 is hell bent on destroying Buganda completely! What is it that Mengo/Mayiga/Mutebi still need from M7?

M7 started his bus war in Luwero [Buganda] and is concentrating in Buganda, grabbing all the land he (M7)/ they (Otafire/Muhwezi/Janet M7) can get their hands on! M7 clearly knows the machete-wielding people who are killing innocent people in Masaka and elsewhere in Buganda, and why.
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+5 #13 Wainanchi 2021-09-11 14:58
General Kahinda us too well conversant with Uganda and has been in forefront of Uganda liberation struggle.

Just to remind young readers that distinguished bush Wworrier and NRA political commissar in liberation of Uganda was before Minister for Internal Affairs and gas been put back at its helm after many years to solve these terrorist attacks in Uganda I can place bet with any of those mumble grumble readers that within short time we will see wonderful results and annihilation of all terrorist cells and pickets in Uganda.

Calling Baganda to arms is voiced by drunkards full of Tonto marua or varagi .
Forward General Kahinda Otafiire.! Get the coachroaches exterminated once and for all.Go Afande hi!!!
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+2 #14 Mubiru 2021-09-11 17:02
Due to impaired memories of Uganda self esteemed leaders Museveni cant remember that he blasted excited and jubilant Baganda for surrounding Lule and reminded them that Lule was President of Uganda and not Buganda.

Being a blessed and inborn tribalist Museveni imagined all people surrounding Lule were only Baganda which was never the case. Letting his falsehood lie to appease his ego. every idiot in Uganda knows how his tribes and associated cousins not only surround him but glued to his trousers wherever he goes.

All his palaces from Rwakitura his loud speaker Otafire condemned when they were paupers are manned by his tribes people. Due to theft many are Ugandas Bill Gates and Richard Bransons though the non Ugandans are billionaires not by stealing public money.

True and fair criticisms of the regime iare deliberately misconstrued as treachery bordering on treason. Many of us are not interested in your filthy and bankrupt politics but fairness to all.
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0 #15 Akot 2021-09-12 17:01
Quoting Remase:
Fellow Ugandans, this is the irony of M7's autocratic life presidency!

M7 keeps recycling the same hard core criminals, Otafire, international affairs minister, Muhwezi, minister for security, Janet M7, minister of education and others!

they all have in common with M Corrupt to the core; arrogance and they are all violent.

They captured power by means of violence and they are clinging to it by maintaining violence, thus the machete-wielding which Otafire attributes to not electing NRM.

In essence that means that M7 and his hard core organised criminals will continue to kill Ugandans who don't elect NRM until all Ugandans only elect M7 and NRM!


The message is loud & clear but Ugandans can save themselves by tribal leaders standing down & UNITY will block Musevnei!...
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0 #16 Akot 2021-09-12 17:05

If Ugandans wait & go for next fake presidential & parliamentary elections, they will be in worse situation than before! Just as Libyans did, but realised their mistake immediately after legalising Kadhafi with another fake election & had to UNITE to end his evil rule!

Ugandans can just bring down the tribalistic system & UNITE to end Museveni's rule, the go for the kind of givernance they want immediately!

What's more sickening is that Ugandans feel safer being slaves/terrorised/fighting one another for Musevnei, than UNITING to end his rule!

Ah! Not even ministers, mps, elites, tribal leaders believe Museveni will 1 day die, it's as if Uganda began & will end with Museveni!

Ugandans can do better than Libyans; end the tribalistic system, UNITE to block & show Museveni way out, then MUST Reform the Republic or Independent Tribal states immediately!
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