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Injured Kyanja curfew violator seeks justice, money for medical bills

Abdullah Wakubona in hospital

Abdullah Wakubona in hospital

A man who was allegedly beaten by combined police and Local Defence Unit (LDU) personnel while returning home during curfew time is seeking justice after sustaining life-threatening injury on the head. 

Abdullah Wakubona, a resident of Kyanja, in Nakawa Division says he was intercepted a few minutes to 7 pm about a week ago. Within a moment, he recalls that he was beaten up by combined security teams of field force and LDU personnel from Kyanja police station who were deployed to enforce nighttime curfew guidelines. 

The nighttime curfew was declared by President Yoweri Museveni as one of the measures to control movement at a time when the country is struggling to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. It runs from 7 pm to 5:30 am every day. 

Wakubona, who is currently admitted at Anna Medical clinic in Kyanja says that the security operation was led by Richard Osege, the officer-in-charge of Kyanja police station. He says one LDU personnel hit him with a baton on the head several times leading to bleeding before he blacked out. He alleges that during the scuffle, he also lost his earnings for the day amounting to Shs 200,000. 

Wakubona adds that medics at Anna Medical have advised him to seek proper medication and a brain scan to establish the intensity of the injury. However, he says he is helpless and has no money to seek advanced treatment. He now wants the officers to be pursued to clear his medical bill. 

Kampala Metropolitan deputy police spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire declined to comment on the matter saying he is yet to be briefed about the incident but advised Wakubona to open a case file with Kira Road police division.          

Kyanja Parish councillor Julia Nalubwama, who is also the deputy speaker of Nakawa Division says that her office has registered six incidents of people being beaten by LDU’s and police while enforcing curfew time in the last one month. 


+2 #1 kabayekka 2021-08-13 16:47
For Uganda justice, Mr Abudulla Wakubona will not get it at all.

But requesting the magistrate to give him an emergency entry certificate into the police officer Mr. Richard Osege's home house should be allowed.

Wakubona and his bailiffs should be able to obtain furniture and household possessions worth 9 million shillings for his treatment and to be able to pay the cost of the bailiffs.
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0 #2 kabayekka 2021-08-13 16:55
Uganda LDU’s and police while enforcing curfew or lockdown time in this country against the world wide pandemic of COVID19 does not give them the right to beat up people or to kill them!

Even in the African culture, cows after eating grass in the field are not beaten with sticks to go back to the kraal for their night time sleep!
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+1 #3 P. Goldberg 2021-08-13 17:54
I do not know why Ugandans keep on complaining about mistreatment by the forces.

These individuals live within your community and you know them by names. When an instruction do not work as its the case in Uganda, take it upon yourselves to solve the problem. once those so call enforcers feels it they will stop the abuse of citizens.

Stop crying. Nobody is going to listen to you. Just a suggestion. It always works.
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