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Justice Remmy Kasule retires from judicial service after 17 years

Justice Remmy Kasule

Justice Remmy Kasule

Court of Appeal judge Remmy Kasule has retired as a judge after servicing as a judicial officer for close to 17 years. He joined the judiciary as a High court judge from the legal practice in 2004

Chief registrar Sarah Langa announced Kasule’s retirement in a memo to the judges of the Supreme court, Court of Appeal, High court, registrars and magistrates. She said that Kasule successfully completed his contract as justice of Appeal and Constitutional court on July 22 this year.

“I wish to congratulate His Lordship for the distinguished service he has rendered to the judiciary and the nation at large. I wish him a peaceful and enjoyable retirement,” Langa said in the memo released this afternoon.   

Kasule had officially retired as justice of the Court of Appeal and the Constitutional court in October 2019 after clocking 70 years, the mandatory retirement age for judges, and served the three months to clear any pending work on his desk.

However, he was re-appointed following talks between the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) and the management to have him handle cases on a contract basis.

“He has been serving on special appointment after the official retirement at 70 years. He was given two more years,” said Jameson Karemani, the spokesperson of the judiciary. His retirement now leaves the court of appeal with only 13 of the required 15 judges.

Erias Nalukoola Luyimbaazi, a renowned lawyer describes Kasule as a commendable judge saying he is one of the greatest judges who has contributed enormously to the development of the legal system in respect of constitutionalism, human rights and good governance. 

Fred Muwema, another lawyer said that they will miss Justice Kasule as an officer of court because he has been one of the pillars that stood firm in most of the cases. At High court, Kasule was one of the brave judges who could issue decisions strictly in accordance with the law irrespective of the people's sentiments, according to Muwema.

And because he was a practicing lawyer, Muwema said that Kasule’s appreciation of the legal principles was very good and that he helped to develop the country’s legal system with regard to the enforcement of rights.


0 #1 Danny 2021-07-28 22:33
I disagreed with some of his judgements, but I can never doubt Justice Kasule's judicial integrity. Thank you sir and enjoy your retirement.
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0 #2 Entertainment 2021-07-29 20:27
I had never seen his face before, not even
in the papers, but his name and reputation
have been a beautiful glowing candle in the
weakened and tainted judiciary of today.

May God grant him a peaceful retirement full
of love and happiness.
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