Rescued teenage girls: No evidence of forced bestiality - police

Luke Owoyesigyire

Luke Owoyesigyire

Police have said they have found no evidence that the 14 teenage girls rescued yesterday from a guesthouse in Muyenga were forced into bestiality as earlier indicated. 

Yesterday, Deputy Kampala Metropolitan spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire said they got a tip-off that the 14 girls aged between 14 and 19 were being forced and trained to perform unnatural sexual acts including sleeping with dogs at Papaya Holiday Home under the stewardship of Dorothy Ndagire. The girls were allegedly due for trafficking to the United Kingdom. 

“We went to the guesthouse and found the girls living in bad conditions and the information we got is that they were being forced to sleep with dogs,” said Owoyesigyire yesterday. 

But in a statement issued today, Owoyesigyire says so far no evidence of bestiality has been found but investigations are still ongoing and if true this can only be ascertained by medical personnel. 

Below is the full statement

I need to clarify on the URN story which was misrepresented by the reporter, who alleges police rescued girls doing unnatural acts with dogs.

The facts are: It is true 14 girls were rescued from a guesthouse in Muyenga , after a whistleblower at the guest house got concerned that the caretaker Ndagire was making the girls share the same room and bed with the puppies.

The concerned citizen also said that the girls were always seen moving with, and carrying the dogs all the time. This is the information that led to the raid at the guesthouse.

We would however want to state that there is no evidence that shows whether the girls were being forced to perform unnatural acts; acts of bestiality with the dogs as alleged by the URN story. That can only be ascertained with medical evidence.

We have only picked evidence that shows the girls were to be trafficked to a different country. Any other evidence shall be ascertained as investigations proceed.

Asp Luke Owoyesigyire
Deputy PRO KMP

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