Covid-19 grounds more than 100 private security guards

Private security guards at work

Private security guards at work

At least 15 private security guards have succumbed to the new wave of Covid-19 in the last few weeks.

The new Covid-19 wave has ravaged various private security organisations after more than 100 guards have tested positive for Covid-19, according to Grace Matsiko, the Uganda Private Security Association (TUPSA) chairman.

“The new wave of Covid-19 has really challenged our work. More than 100 are being treated of Covid-19. It is challenging because some are in isolation but we have to continue paying their salaries,” Matsiko said.

Uganda has so far registered 86,140 Covid-19-positive cases since March 21, 2020. Of these, 59,495 have recovered whereas 2,062 have succumbed to the contagious disease. At least 996 people are in critical condition.

He explained that many of the personnel got infected at their workplaces such as supermarkets, factories, stores, wholesale shops, arcades, malls and plazas. Such places often attract crowds on daily basis.

Security guards who were found guarding buildings along Kisekka market lane said many of their colleagues got infected because people were refusing to heed to their instructions such as wearing masks and washing hands.

“I guard this building from 7 am up to 6 pm and see people coming to enter shops without masks,” a guard who was standing along Mackay building said.

“You insist that a person should not enter without a mask but the shop attendant tells you to leave his or her customer. People don’t want to wash hands even when water is put at the entrance.”

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