Covid survivor: Thank you Dr Kambugu, Dr Luyombo

Maria Sarah Nabaggala

Maria Sarah Nabaggala

The current wave of Covid-19 in the country has not left many country members the same.

A disease once thought so far, is now too close in our homes. It is impossible to have a household without a recent death or diagnosis associated to the disease.

Just like many, I have recently had a very intense and excruciating encounter with Covid-19. I had the simple flu and cough for two days, nothing out of the ordinary until I noticed the loss of smell and taste senses.

Long story short, I was diagnosed with Covid-19 recently. Since my symptoms were not severe, a prescription was made by the doctor, and I was sent home to drink a lot, isolate in addition to all other preventive measures. On day eight during the disease, all hell broke loose, I needed all supportive care, from medical, mental to social support.

I thank everyone that played a very crucial part in such a life-defining moment in time. The core of Covid-19 management is self-isolation. The ordeal, takes away one of the main and very important aspects of battling any disease. Social support plays a key role in the well-being pillars of both physical and mental health recovery.

The major preventative efforts for reducing the spread of Covid-19 involving social distancing makes one feel isolated, afraid, and traumatized. This is situation is very draining on the mental health of anyone that has been down with Covid-19.

Physical distance from friends and loved ones is a major contributor to the anxiety, depression, insomnia and other effects that one feels.

I write this to thank in particular, Dr Andrew Kambugu and Dr Nicholas Luyombo, medical doctors, and personal friends, who did more than any other doctor would do.

During moments of massive pain and uncertainty coupled with doubt about the chances of living, they offered mental support and a will to keep trying to make it to the next day. Throughout episodes of mental breakdowns and distress, they helped me with coping mechanisms to make it during the situation.

You have emphasized, take breaks from watching, reading, or listening too much, care for one’s body through eating healthy, taking simple exercises regularly, and plenty of sleep. You may have not known the impact of these random words, but these saved me at my most agonizing moments.

I have watched and listened to how hard you have worked, to ensure that I and many others I have interacted with from the same circles make it through these tough circumstances.

I want to thank you for the time that you poured unto me and, although I will probably never get a chance to show the same support to you, I want you to know that you are rock stars to this second chance that I have been given by God.

One may never understand the vulnerability of the human body until one comes to face a trying health challenge like a Covid-19 diagnosis.

My message to everyone is, to take more precautions, Covid-19 is real. It is very important that we all take care and adhere to the set guidelines and protect each other.

Thank you Dr Andrew Kambugu and Dr Nicholas Luyombo and all the other health workers at all levels that are supporting all people in need of health and social care at such a trying time.

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