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Boda boda rider shot dead in Bunyangabu for defying inter-district travel ban

Security has shot dead a boda boda rider in Bunyangabu district for allegedly defying the inter-district travel ban announced recently as one of the measures to contain surging cases of COVID-19.

John Kugonza Rwahumura, 28, a resident of Nyansozi village in Mugusu town in Kabarole district was shot dead by a security operative dressed in UPDF uniform deployed at Kibede trading centre to enforce the inter-travel movement ban between Kabarole and Bunyangabu district according to Kibedi LC I chairman Samuel Kusemererwa. 

It’s reported that the deceased was stopped by the traffic police at Kibede roadblock but he ignored the signal and knocked one of the traffic officers. His action prompted one of the officers to shoot him on the spot.

Julian Sara, the Kabarole resident district commissioner (RDC) confirmed the incident warning riders to adhere to the presidential directive and respective traffic personnel.

On June 6, President Yoweri Museveni among other directives ordered the closure of schools and the suspension of non-essential travel between districts in an attempt to reduce on the spread of the COVID-19.


+1 #11 magezi moses 2021-06-16 13:29
Quoting Wainanchi:
Excellent.People have to behave responsibly specially now with increased levels of security because if corona infections and terrorist attack on Afande Wanala.

We are talking here of extraordinary situation and itizejd responsibility.Boda bidas are not

Untouchables and they cannot tease and tease police by holding licence plates in the air because one if them might be assassin.

Therefore I support president Museveni idea of shooting down anybody threatening general public and VIPs.

Kampala has become Dodge City and Tumbstone o

i did not know that your stupid to that extent \dont you know that we have courts of law it is only court to decide a penality for some after a faire hearing not the police
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-1 #12 Wainanchi 2021-06-17 00:03
@ Jama-- Agreed but it goes both ways.People have to be responsible citizens and I am happy that some readers accepted my views plus they confirmed my claim that boda bodas are unrully and big social problem today

That is why they are used as terror weapons and when they comit crime some readers call for court processing but then we know that courts Aquitaine criminals What is left then to the government to do?

Run away or apply extraordinary measures to protect itself and general public This is common practice in the world and not only applicable to Uganda

Justice for peace and security of Uganda and exclusive right of Uganda to solve it's internal problems without foreign influence and medling in its own affairs
Forward Musevenj Forward Uganda!!!
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