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Kira Road police boss Turyasingura succumbs to COVID-19

RIP: Mathias Turyasingura

RIP: Mathias Turyasingura

Kira Road Division district police commander (DPC) Mathias Turyasingura has succumbed to coronavirus (COVID-19) disease.

Assistant inspector general of police (AIGP) Asan Kasingye said Turyasingura succumbed to COVID-19 on Tuesday at Mulago National Referral hospital.

“You were a good commander, patriotic, disciplined and always concerned with the welfare of your officers. DPC, you fought crime in Kira Road with zest and zeal. Rest in Peace comrade," said Kasingye in a tribute.

Sgt. Eddie Semitego, the head of community policing at Old-Kira Road Police Division, a close friend to the deceased told URN that Turyasingura fell sick about a fortnight ago and went on sick leave. 

The next day, the deceased communicated to his colleagues that he was receiving treatment at one of the clinics in Mpererwe, a Kampala city suburb where he has been residing, but the situation deteriorated over the weekend. He was transferred to Mulago hospital on Sunday evening, where a COVID-19 test was taken and returned positive.

At the time of his death, according to Ssemitego, the deceased had already received the first COVID-19 vaccination jab as did most other officers.

Semirego said they are waiting for official communication from Turyasingura's family and relatives, and the Uganda Police Force about the arrangements of his burial.

The deceased, who hails from Kabale district joined police in 2007 when Gen Kale Kayihura was the Inspector General of Police (IGP). He did an intermediate course at Kaweweta, completed senior command and staff course before he was posted as DPC Kira Road replacing Michael Kasigire who had by then transferred to Entebbe last year.

In March, police launched a COVID-19 vaccination exercise for its personnel at an event that was presided over by chief of joint security Maj Gen Jack Bakasumba at Naguru police headquarters.

Dr Moses Byaruhanga, the director of police health services, recently said that so far only 7,833 police officers in Kampala have turned up for the COVID-19 vaccination. Health officials have said Uganda is already into its second coronavirus wave with all the ICU units at Entebbe and Mulago hospitals already full. 


+1 #11 Lakwena 2021-05-28 10:30
As a result, today's youths, tragically including the highly educated ones; are trapped in the mire of a despicable and dehumanizing unemployment (Kuyiya/kulembekka).

And due to the inevitable "social insecurity"; in order to "secure their future" Gen Tibuhaburwa and his Public Servants have to steal whatever they can get their sticky fingers on: leaving the rest of Ugandans cursing God and howling at the moon.

Consequently, those who have stolen what belong to Ugandans live in fear of their victims. And their victims are menacingly plotting murder against the predators who have robbed them of their future and those of their children and children's children.

In other words, Gen Tibuhaburwa's 2021 Campaign slogan "to secure the future of Ugandan" was and still is a mockery at Ugandans. The slogan was and still is, his Satanic characteristic deception and manipulation of the gullible Ugandans.
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+1 #12 Lakwena 2021-05-28 10:36
Otherwise, poverty and related side effects is killing more Ugandans than Covid-19, which besides; Gen Tibuhaburwa is conveniently and functionally using it as an instrument of oppression and exploitation.
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-1 #13 Wainanchi 2021-05-30 11:15
Lakwena..You are both spy and retard
You have no idea what you are talking and you do not understand reality

When you come to Uganda have a look of what has changed over thirty years.Yes you hate the progress NRN is making in spite of your idiotic sabotage and conspiracy against NRM .

We see, the readers, who is doing what and we do not need to hear your twisted and absurd thougts and malice against good and patriotic people wirjingbydayvanf night to make our Uganda living conditions better

You obviously were not born orvare closing eyes on purpose to remember the past

However to your regret governments which have their representatives in Uganda know the truth and hold all records to attest what I am saying.

Do they have honesty to tell their governments and people is their problem but Uganda as sovereign nation cares who is doing what in Uganda and expelled those rotten diolonats who were tryingvto meddle into her internal matters
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