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NUP demands release of supporters arrested over Museveni inauguration

President Museveni taking oath at Kololo last week

President Museveni taking oath at Kololo last week

The opposition National Unity Platform (NUP) is demanding the production in court or immediate release of over 100 of their members, who were arrested on allegations of planning to disrupt President Museveni's swearing-in ceremony last week. 

On Wednesday last week, Museveni took oath at Kololo Independence grounds to extend his 35-year rule to a potential 40 years in power amidst heavy security deployment.

Museveni was controversially declared winner of the January 14 election by the Electoral Commission as having garnered 58 per cent of the vote against NUP's Robert Kyagulanyi who came second with 35 per cent.

Kyagulanyi maintains that the election was rigged, and initially petitioned the Supreme to have the election annulled. However, he withdrew the petition citing bias from the judges. Since last year, security has continued to kidnap NUP youths from their homes on allegations of plotting to topple Museveni's government. 

NUP spokesperson said their legal teams are in preparation to petition courts of laws to force the government to produce the suspects in court. He said most of the recent detainees were innocently picked from their homes in the night to be questioned about plans to disrupt the swearing-in and the whereabouts of Kyagulanyi who reportedly managed to sneak out of his home despite the heavy deployment. Security deployed heavily at Kyagulanyi's home in Magere and that of former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) president and presidential candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye in Kasangati.

“They raided homes; a number of our comrades were abducted from different areas between 10th and 11th May," said Ssenyonyi. "We are reliably informed that most of them are being held at CMI headquarters in Mbuya and are being subjected to all manner of torture and humiliation.”  

Some of those who were allegedly arrested include Nuhu Sanya, Sebagala Gordon, Kasisi Richard, Lutaaya Olivia, Kalyango Muhamood, Munanyagwa Fred, Machete Yasin, Segujja Rashid, Kiweewa Evan Jordan, Mayiga Ronald and Nyombi Richard. Many of these were arrested from Kamwokya, a city suburb on Monday night. 

Others are Katumba Shiba, Kisakye Sam, Makanya Bernard, Katerega Dan, Sam Saka and Mafabi Steven and Sharif. But Benjamin Katana, one of NUP lawyers said these were picked from areas of Katanga in Wandegeya over Sunday night. David Lewis Lubongoya the NUP general secretary condemned the security actions of abducting innocent citizens on what he called false allegations. 

"The state of fear, the state of intimidation is very unfortunate of course that someone can claim to have won an election, and then you have to hold the citizens by the gun," said Lubongoya. 
Kampala Metropolitan Police (KMP) deputy police spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire confirmed that several people were arrested in the joint operations in different parts of Kampala metropolitan areas before the swearing-in ceremony.  

"It's true that security agencies were having joint operations before the swearing-in ceremony. Of course, we had intelligence information about some people who were planning to disrupt the swearing-in. That is why we had a joint operation to counter whatever was being planned and a couple of people were arrested and are currently detained at our different facilities. What we urge the public is to remain calm as we process these suspects in courts of law," said Owoyesigyire. 
He says they are still screening the suspects and soon those not linked to the alleged crimes shall be released. He however did not divulge details on the number of detained suspects, their charge,s or where they are detained.


0 #11 Akot 2021-05-17 18:15

If you are a real Ugandan, then you should know the country belongs to Museveni who has rewritten Ugandan constitution & turned it into SHIT!

How can there pe peace in a Uganda that belongs to migrant Museveni, with laws & constitution taillored by him to ensure Ugandans are slaves with no say in their own country?

Museveni knows as long as Ugandans maintain the inhuman divisive tribalistic system he so cleaverly put in place, he is safe as the International Community will continue to watch in silence!

Why are Ugandans tribally divided & ruled by migrant Museveni who alone, has right to walk, spit, urinate, campaign... freely on every tribal land?
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+1 #12 Akot 2021-05-17 18:22
WADADA rogers,

Museveni is just ensuring tribally divided & ruled Ugandans don't forget he owns their country & he's the only one to rule!

Just bringing down the tribalistic system & UNITY are all Ugandans need, if they want their country back & live as FREE people!

Even Palestine formed by 2 groups;1 recognised by Inernational Community & the other termed as 'terror group', are getting help from USA/EU/UN, but tribalistically divided & ruled Ugandans will NEVER get help & Museveni knows this!
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0 #13 Remase 2021-05-17 19:32
Mukasa, like I have said before, occupation hazards mean that, eyewa ezo mu mba

BW is the one who came out and urged us to get ndaga muntu and go and vote and leave the rest to him. BW further added, "Ono kyali, M7, musobola." That's one of the problems, because BW individualized the struggle.

He had earlier blamed Besigye for standing 4 times and losing, and claimed that there is no democracy in Uganda. Today the innocent people were brought to court marshal for a hearing of their bail application.

Senyonyi was asked to name 10 of them. He only named 4! Well, one would excuse him for not knowing only ten of them, however that shows that NUP's leadership is disorganised.
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0 #14 Remase 2021-05-17 19:50
Leadership is exceedingly important to achieve or succeed in anything. BW is the one who stated that we should go and vote and leave the rest to him not me.

However, he is swimming in confusion, which has given M7 larger balls to continue arresting, detaining, torturing and killing of innocent people. Instead of uniting the opposition to force on one objective, to uproot M7, his family, relatives and tribesmen from power, BW/NUP are focusing on joining M7 in his parliament so that they can get paid handsomely for passing oppressive law and higher taxes to maintain their exorbitant pay roll!

Senyonyi can't even name 10 innocent people who are civilians tried in a court marshal? Is NUP/BW really mind about bringing a desperately and urgently needed fundamental change?

Mukasa, where is unity that demands that those innocent people should be released unconditionally?
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0 #15 Remase 2021-05-17 20:02
Mukasa, If a US citizen is kidnapped, US has a policy of no negotiating with the kidnappers. It simply demands their unconditional release.

We all clearly know that our fellow Ugandans were kidnapped and are being detained, tortured and others killed! However, NUP/BW are focusing on joining M7 in parliament!

NUP/BW are negotiating with M7 in his court Mashal for their release! Mukasa, where is hope? Isn't it safe to say that we are on a way to live like a sheep for 1100 years?
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