Kabaka not poisoned, suffering from allergic reaction - Mayiga

Kattikiro Charles Mayiga (R) addressing the media

Kattikiro Charles Mayiga (R) addressing the media

The Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II wasn’t poisoned but rather got an allergic reaction from wearing masks and face shields, Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga has said.

Speaking for the first time after a seemingly frail Kabaka appeared in public early this week to celebrate his 66th birthday, Mayiga admitted that in the last few days, the Kabaka has been having health challenges which he said are being managed by his doctors.

The statement comes after videos showing the Kabaka in a manner that suggested that he was in extreme pain and struggling for breath made rounds on social media, with some people alleging that he might have been poisoned. This appearance came just weeks after speculation about his health.

While some people wondered why officials at Mengo allowed the Kabaka to appear in public while he was sick, Mayiga said that if he had not showed up for the celebrations, still people would have asked questions why he had stayed away.

On the people who are calling for Kabaka to be taken abroad for proper management of his health, Mayiga said his doctors who are specialists in what they’re doing believe his situation can be handled here. He wondered why people would think that those around the Kabaka don’t care about his welfare to know which kind of treatment he needs. Mayiga called upon people to disregard online calls to fundraise for the Kabaka to go abroad for better health management.

Mayiga also confirmed the authenticity of a video that made rounds on social media yesterday showing the Kabaka at Capital Shoppers supermarket in Ntinda.

“When he wants certain personal things he himself goes to the supermarket and picks them and he went and picked them and people saw him walk normally. I‘m hoping that will reassure you about his health,” Mayiga said.

Today the Kabaka and his wife Sylvia Nagginda got vaccinated against coronavirus and he did not appear as frail as he'd looked earlier this week. 

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