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Kalangala fisherman commits suicide after apologising to residents

Nicholas Kiwanuka, a 33-year-old fisherman at Nkose landing site in Mazinga sub-county, Kalangala district has committed suicide.

Kiwanuka allegedly hanged himself on Monday evening using a rope after leaving behind a suicide note where he noted down his relatives' phone numbers. 

"I have gone back to my mother whom I don't think remembers me," he wrote in his final letter. "I have neither wife nor child in this world. Fellow residents, I'm sorry but I no longer deserve to suffer in this world."  

The deceased had allegedly also stopped swallowing his antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) late last year. After spending a day without seeing him at the workplace, his colleagues embarked on a search for him. 

"On reaching his room, they found it closed and resorted to breaking the door, behind which they found Nicholas hanging on a rope," said a source. 

Kakuuta Rodgers Akankwasa, the OC Nkose police post says the body of the deceased has been transported to Kabonera Masaka for burial. 

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