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Kidnap: Detainees forced to eat 3kg of posho, 1kg of beans in 20 minutes

Relatives holding portraits of their missing persons

Relatives holding portraits of their missing persons

Gruesome stories continue coming out of Uganda's torture chambers as survivors describe the physical and mental mistreatment they were subjected to by members of the armed forces following their arrests.

More than 1,000 people were subsequently arrested and more than 54 shot dead following violent countrywide protests on November 18 and 19, 2020 triggered by the arrest of then-presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi in Luuka district in eastern Uganda. Last month President Yoweri Museveni said the commandos unit had arrested over 200 people and killed some who he called "terrorists" who wanted to block the January 14 presidential elections. 

Kareem Muganga, a taxi conductor was arrested on December 21, from Kabembe stage on Kayunga road in Mukono North. Muganga says he was arrested as he persuaded passengers to board his taxi. Immediately, he says, he was handcuffed, blindfolded and thrown into a waiting car that sped off.

Muganga doesn’t know where he was being imprisoned until his release last week. With the beatings having become a daily routine, the most disquieting story from his stay in detention was being forced to eat three kilograms of posho and a kilogram of beans in 20 minutes.

It’s not only him who faced this kind of torture, Muganga claims. Many other people, about 1,000 detainees who were in the same detention facility as he was, would be asked to eat much more food than their stomachs could accommodate. Those who did not finish this food, he says, would be beaten and beatings "measured in kilograms", where 1kg was 100 strokes. 

In the process of torture, Muganga says he lost a tooth and his left eye and the ear were also injured. He has since lost his hearing and one has to shout when talking to him. 

Muganga also narrates that a colleague, Eric Sempijja who is asthmatic, one day tried to pull off the cloth they use to blindfold him because he was having difficulties in breathing but when the soldiers came, they started beating him mercilessly claiming he wanted to escape. Sempijja, he says had never been seen again after his "transfer". 


According to Muganga, the detainees were forced to sing Bobi Wine’s songs in another 'creative' form of torture. One night, he says detainees were asked to sing Bobi Wine’s Tuliyambala Engule (We shall wear the crown) song with the soldiers emphasizing the last verse of “tulivimba mu Uganda empya” loosely translated as “we will have swag in the new Uganda.”

He says soldiers said they were going to show them the 'new Uganda.' For an entire night, according to Muganga, detainees were made to sing, sit, stand, squat repetitively. 


Muganga says one night at around 8:30 pm last month on February 12, soldiers came and asked him his name quietly, and before Muganga even finished saying his name, the men carried him up to the toilet, unfolded his eyes, photographed him gave him a white shirt and together with some colleagues were thrown into a car 30 minutes and then driven around until about midnight.

He was later dumped in a sugarcane plantation in a place he does not know. Intriguingly, after being dumped, he was given back his phone, fully charged yet when he was arrested, it hardly had any battery charge left.

He says at the time, he was arrested his phone had no airtime but upon release, he found that his captors had loaded airtime for him on his phone which he used to call relatives.   

After release, Muganga, says that he has failed to work as a conductor again because he can hardly hear passengers calling him to collect the money and he also cannot see those standing on the roadside waiting for taxis. 


+5 #1 kabayekka 2021-03-02 00:06
No wonder the country's leadership did lobby the country of Uganda like South Africa to quit the International Criminal Court as soon as possible.

But again this is the same leadership that took several political opponents to this same court for messing up human rights!

So now where can these young victims go to which courts of law so that they can redress their grievance?
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+5 #2 Akao 2021-03-02 03:58
So when will parliament debate this? isn't this what they are supposed to do?

All those men/women filling the so called parliament are also useless like the dictator, they are all for themselves and don't care about the population at large. Look at what they are talking about lots of teachers not willing to go back to school because they found out that bodabodas pay better than teaching.

What kind of country is that? what do you expect to get out of citizens who are supposed to be taught by teachers making less money than bodabodas?

When police killed a black American in the US, the AU were pretending that they care when but everywhere in Africa the rulers are brutalizing the citizen who pay taxes that each country use to pay the membership of AU, and they do not say a thing.
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-3 #3 kambarage 2021-03-02 15:04
Quoting Akao:
So when will parliament debate this? isn't this what they are supposed to do?


What kind of country is that?

When police killed a black American in the US, the AU were pretending that they care when but everywhere in Africa the rulers are brutalizing the citizen who pay taxes that each country use to pay the membership of AU, and they do not say a thing.

These so called citizens who were arrested don't even pay taxes. Bobi had mobilised them because they are many in the cities, ignorant, gullible and easy to feed on any propaganda.

They just wanted to create rebellion and destroy what the taxpayers have worked hard to construct. That's why they were burning cars, beating up people on streets and threatening non-Baganda with genocide. They needed some rough handling to get some decency.
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0 #4 Lakwena 2021-03-03 07:58
But Kambarage, don't you think the Kareem Muganga of this country are seriously contemplating to one of these day abduct some your sons (if any) and take them for a similar ride or worse?

Just asking.

In other words, even our "Problem of Africa, Author and Master of Violence (abduction), Gen Tibuhaburwa should not rule out that:

those very Commandos of his, which he has unleashed on innocent Ugandans can one of these days turn around and abduct Gen Kainerugaba and/or some of his grand children and take them for a long ride; of eating a sum total of 6 kg of beans and posho and drained down with 3 liters of Bushera.

Eish. Wachireba.

In other words, if we are all independent and equal Ugandans before the law of nature and the constitution; an eye for an eye or ear for ear deal, can be arrived at very easily.
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0 #5 Lakwena 2021-03-03 08:07
In other words, Gen Tibuhaburwa's abductees are being fed on our Covid-19 donations of Beans and Posho; hoarded by the regime as a weapon, for purposes of torture, terror and subjugation of Ugandans.
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