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Security guard shoots student at Bugisu high school

A section of Bugi

A private security guard is on the run after shooting a student at Bugisu high school in Northern City Division of Mbale city. The unnamed security guard shot Noah Otaki, a senior four candidate in the right hand on Sunday night.  

Joshua Osaulo, a senior 6 student and eyewitness, says that the guard found students gathered around the administration block at around 9:00 pm trying to resolve a case of theft from one of their dormitories. 

He says the guard, who locked drunk ordered the students to return to their dormitories in vain. Osaulo says the guard then retreated to the security room and picked a gun and shot directly three times at the students. According to him it is the third shot that caught Otaki.   

Police officers under the command of Arafat Kato, the officer in charge of Mbale central police station rushed to the scene and cooled down tempers of students who wanted to riot. 


0 #1 WADADA rogers 2021-02-16 11:15
Security should find the guard and give him to the public for fair treatment, Ugandans are tired.
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