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Capt Caroline Busingye killed in UPDF helicopter crash in Entebbe

Wreckage of the crashed helicopter

Wreckage of the crashed helicopter

A Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) jet ranger helicopter has crashed near the old airport in Entebbe, killing Capt Caroline Busingye.

UPDF spokesperson, Brig. Gen. Flavia Byekwaso said in a tweet that the light blue helicopter was being piloted by two cadet trainees on a mutual training flight.

"Today afternoon at about 2:15 pm a jet ranger piloted by two cadet trainees on a mutual training flight came down immediately after takeoff near Lido beach. The two were rushed to the hospital to ascertain their health. Our aviation team is on the ground to investigate the mishap," Byekwaso tweeted.  

Traffic police cordoned off the scene of the accident. Traffic to and from Entebbe airport was also diverted to the one-way road from Entebbe to Kampala.

Last week, four UPDF soldiers were severely injured in a helicopter crash in Somalia while on a mission to support ground troops in the Lower Shabelle region. The soldiers are currently admitted at Kampala hospital. 

Last year in January, another UPDF helicopter crashed during a training mission in Bulo in Gomba district - killing the pilot, Maj. Naomi Karungi and Benon Wakalo a cadet pilot.


+2 #21 Rwatooro 2021-02-13 05:56
@@@ Kalemera
"The 'junk helicopters' story was first broken by the New Vision in 1997.

In April 1997, the Ugandan government signed a purchasing agreement for four helicopters gunships from Belarus.

The helicopters were to be supplied by a UK based company called Consolidated Sales Corporation (CSC). Dr.KIIZA BESIGYE personally as the Chief of the Chieftaincy of Logistics and Engineering in UPDF led a government delegation to Belarus to inspect the Helicopters.

After inspection, Besigye approved that our government procures those helicopters because he found them befitting.

When the initial batch of helicopters arrived in Uganda, they did not meet the specifications of the contract and turned out to be junk. The helicopters and the resulting lengthy dispute are estimated to have cost Uganda around USD 13 million.


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-1 #22 Kirya 2021-02-13 08:58
Good death those dominating our space.
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0 #23 Wooden K. 2021-02-13 15:53
Joe , a reflection is not a celebration.

"Scum bugs " are those fools who imagine that dying in chopper accident is more painfull than being shot dead by a blood-thirsty coward.

Before death , we are equal.
Be reminded ....Joe !
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0 #24 Joe 2021-02-14 10:25
Wooden K, I need no reminder that death is an equalizer but I can tell "kasonso" from reflection!

That said, loss of life is loss to: family, loved ones, the nation and humanity at large. To me the scope of discussion was the loss of human life and equipment of a national institution.

Why heap the ills of who you hate/detest on someone who could be very innocent. If we were objective, we would look at the list of recent graduates of the Airforce at the Airforce base in Gulu and see how well various Ugandans are represented!
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0 #25 Wooden K. 2021-02-14 17:59
Joe , help me and produce here the names of recent graduates of the Airforce base in Gulu.

Untill you do that , many Ugandans will still insist that there is rampant tribalism / sectariansm/ nepotism is many of these institutions.

Like it or not , in many of our cultures, when death occurs , it opens doors for reflection , This is when old disputes are usually confronted.

Moreover , it is in our cherished traditions to mourn death. So , when people resort to "kasonso" , one must wonder why .

You too Joe, should wonder what it is that make cultured people turn into "scum bugs"
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