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President Magufuli warns Tanzanians against COVID-19 vaccines

FILE Tanzania President John Pombe Magufuli

FILE Tanzania President John Pombe Magufuli

Tanzanian President John Magufuli has warned his Health ministry against rushing to adopt COVID-19 vaccines, suggesting the vaccines may not be safe or effective.

In a speech Wednesday in western Tanzania, Magufuli expressed doubt about vaccines produced by Western countries.

“If the white man was able to come up with vaccinations, then vaccinations for Aids would have been brought, tuberculosis would be a thing of the past, vaccines for malaria and cancer would have been found,” said the president.

Magufuli directed the ministry of Health to adopt a vaccine only after it is certified by Tanzanian experts. He said Tanzanians must not be used as guinea pigs in vaccine trials.

Little is known about the state of the coronavirus in Tanzania, as the president has declared the country to be “COVID-free” and officials refuse to keep track of coronavirus infections or deaths.

The president has told officials to promote herbs to remedy COVID-19 symptoms. Maguflui told those in attendance Wednesday that they should continue to put their trust in God, saying that they “have lived for over one year without the virus because our God is able, and Satan will always fail.”


+3 #1 kabayekka 2021-01-28 18:18
This African man should produce his medical report and how he looks after himself everyday of the week!

He is soon going to stop the normal human pain killers coming into Tanzania.
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+3 #2 kabayekka 2021-01-28 18:24
Soon he is going to beat the drums of not using G5 on smart phones in Tanzania as his friend used to send the World Bank and IMF packing away from this former Germany colony!

The African medicine man seems to want this country for himself all alone with his own patients!
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+2 #3 Byamukama Patrick 2021-01-28 22:21
Worry not Mr. President, Uganda is in the final stage of producing it's own vaccine.

We shall give a dose to your country and we deliver you from bazungu vaccines.
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+4 #4 kabinda 2021-01-29 01:43
Another of those know- it--all-idiots who thinks presidency means extraterrestrial wisdom.

He does not care about the pain and suffering the infected go through. He cares about sounding wiser than the Westerners he despises.

Why should his so called experts approve a vaccine for what he does not exist at all? If it is a hoax then you need no expertise much less a vaccine. Hypocrite Mass murdering lunatic.
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+2 #5 Wanainchi_Protege 2021-01-29 04:46
Never seen a psychopath like Magufuli. He accepted CoVID relief fund from the EU totalling to nearly 30M Euros! Why did he accept it?

At the same time, he proclaims and professes that there is no CoVID in TZ. Who cursed African leaders? Who will ever reveal to them the minute grain of truth?

Further, if indeed there is 'no CoVID' in TZ (no harm, but trust in God for now is his message, eh...), why does Magufuli give slim hopes for the vaccine finding its way in Nyerere's land? Tz scientists should approve of it, really? Fund a vaccine from herbals, Magufuli...

It's shameful that well trained and (unethical - as they have demonstrated) scientists have become slaves of shameless clueless African tyrants!
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+2 #6 Joe 2021-01-29 13:04
While it's a fact that the "developed" world covets Africa's natural wealth for their selfish reasons and thus would wish to control its population growth, to flatly say that vaccines don't work, coming from a man with a PHD in chemistry is cause for alarm!

It is pure shenzi talk, he nees a psychiatric check up or be committed to a lunatic asylum without wasting time.
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+1 #7 Wante Martino 2021-01-29 14:56
It sounds funny when a whole President/Head of State blocks all his people's minds, we know thereios COVID and at the beginning he was talking about SOP, then he refuresed/stoped any one from discussing the COVID deaths but they are many and they burry at night, Magufuri Oyee!
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