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Jinja police switch off Baba FM over relaying election results

Baba FM radio station was on Thursday night switched off ahead of the declaration of results for the Jinja City mayoral race.

The station has consistently been updating the public about the events that were transpiring at the tally centre since Wednesday when polls were held.

But on Thursday, Kiira region police spokesperson Abbey Ngako said that the radio was being used to incite the public.

Subsequently, Baba FM news reporter, Richard Mutoigo who was covering live the events at the tally centre was arrested for allegedly inciting the public. 

One of Baba FM's employees who spoke on condition of anonymity says that they did not receive any prior warning from authorities before the radio frequency got switched off. 

The radio station management has not released any official communication concerning the radio.

This is the second radio station to be switched off under such circumstances. The first one being Busoga One FM which was switched off on January 14, 2021, over allegedly relaying presidential results from the different polling stations within Busoga sub-region. 


-10 #1 Wainanchi 2021-01-22 16:34
Good on prudent and courageous Police.No passarrab terrorists.
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+2 #2 WADADA rogers 2021-01-22 21:38
Wainanchi needs to be encouraged to use his/its/her head whenever commenting on this forum.

It looks like he/it/she does not know that access to information is a right enshrined under the laws of Uganda.

Why should Ugandans be kept in the dark yet there is a medium of communication like a tv more so that social media has been switched off by an illegitimate Government
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