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Bobi Wine protests: How 15-year-old boy was shot dead

RIP: Amos Ssegawa

RIP: Amos Ssegawa

Wednesday, November 18th, 2020 started as a normal day for 15-year-old Amos Ssegawa who had started working at his mother’s shop in Kisenyi, a Kampala suburb a fortnight ago.

Ssegawa’s mother, Hajara Nakitto had asked him to work with her at the shop because of the prolonged lockdown resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced the government to close schools in March this year.

Only candidate classes and finalists have since resumed schooling to complete their academic programmes. On the fateful day, Ssegawa and his mother decided to close the shop and return home in Masajja, Kikajjo because of the protests that erupted following the arrest of the National Unity Platform (NUP), presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu. The brutal response to the protests left over 49 people dead, more than 150 injured and over 800 arrested. 

Mother and son managed to escape the chaotic scenes in Kisenyi and walked to Kafumbe-Mukasa roundabout. At Eso Corner towards Usafi Park where they were headed to board a taxi, a UPDF truck with army officers came from Mengo Hill road, recollects Nakitto.

Some of the officers had guns pointed at protestors, but Nakitto says she didn’t realize the officers were actually shooting at her and her son until when one of the bullets hit her son. The bullet, she says, went through Ssegawa’s mouth penetrating through a vein connecting to the brain.  

She says that amidst the confusion, she managed to lift her son to the nearby clinic with the help of Good Samaritans where he was immediately pronounced dead. His body was laid to rest in Kinoni in Masaka district.

Ssegawa was a senior two student of Lubigi high school, Bulooba. His father Meddie Ssemugenyi remembers him as a brilliant child with a visionary future. He loved computers and phones and learnt to fix minor glitches reported to him, said his father. He was the mechanic of the home.  

Ssegawa loved and played soccer as well as swimming. Ssemugenyi and his wife now remain with one child, a 12-year-old. He says the people who snatched Ssegawa from them should be brought to book. Ssemugenyi wishes that security stops using excessive force while quelling protests. He thinks security reacted with a lot of excessive force to put down a protest of unarmed Ugandans.

Juliet Logose, a human rights officer at the Uganda Human Rights Commission Central region office, says they have taken up the case for investigations and action.


+2 #21 Wooden K. 2020-11-29 22:48
I said it 28 hours ago.

Tonight , the dictator spoke.

He threatened to kill more Ugandans as long as he names them "rioters "

And then he said he will pay for the dead bodies as long as he decides there were not rioters.


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-1 #22 Kambarage 2020-11-30 01:47
Quoting Wooden K.:
Tumwine ordered his tribal army to : "shooot youuu".

That is how this handsome 15 year old boy lost his life infront of his mother.

His death becomes Museveni and Tumwine`s legacy.

We only wait to see Fatty Kusasira attempting to wipe away his mother`s pain with a bundle of Museveni`s blood stained cash.


His death is the legacy of Kyagulanyi and his supporters who began the attacks on police and other heinous crimes in the name of saving their leader.

Law abiding citizens should have waited for their man to be brought to court
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+1 #23 Lakwena 2020-11-30 09:50
Quoting Wooden K.:
Lakwena , you implied that UNLA soldiers had hearts and a conscience that could psychologically be affected by what they saw.

... I am sure you`ve heard them spinning that it is members of the Opposition that shoot children and women with the aim of discreding the "disciplined , peaceful and patriotic " security forces'

Tumwine has a grandson of the same age as Amon Ssegawa.

Do you see Tumwine shocked or disarmed by the story and phote above ......?

But Wooden, do not put words into my mouth; I made no implication whether or not the UNLA had hearts or not.

I only made reference to Lubega, who, while in the NRA camp, had personal "close encounter" with human beings are capable of doing to each other.
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+1 #24 Lakwena 2020-11-30 10:26
And Wooden since 1971, I detest military government and its militarism.

In 1985, the day and time Lutwa deposed Obote, I and a few friends were having Coffee at Daughter of Charity on Said Barre Road; as these thugs stormed Radio Uganda.

From their trucks, they even jumped on my car, and the first thing they did was to raid Daughter of Charity's Restaurant: ate and drunk whatever they could find on the table and kitchen.

Taken by surprise, we scampered for safety and climbed the stairs to a dead end. Some of soldiers climb up after us and raided whatever we had.

Even though I am an Acholi, I concealed my identity and I didn't say a word, in order to be spared of the raid.

They took everyone's watch and money. After that experience I left the country two months later and returned in December 1986; after Tibuhabrwa was done with his raid (capturing the country).
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+1 #25 Wooden K. 2020-11-30 12:31
Kambarage , thanks for your wisdom

Now I see how I got it all wrong . Nobody is perfect. You are right , Ssegawa`s death is Kyagulanyi`s legacy.

The Tutsi massacres in Rwanda are Rwigyema & Kagame`s legacy . If they had waited for Habyerimana to die a natural death , no Tutsi would have been massacared.

Thousands of Ugandan who were abducted and killed by Idd Amin were a legacy of those who opposed Amin
Ugandans that were tortured to death in Niile Manision , Makindye , Lubiri , Kireka , Katabi , Katikamu by Obote`s thugs were Museveni& NRs legancy .

Nobody would have been killed if Museveni had not misbehaved.

Verdict : Museveni does not have to pay for a dead body that Kyagulanyi manufactured
Case rested.
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+1 #26 Wooden K. 2020-11-30 12:44
Good day Lakwena !

I apologize if I misinterpreted you . My intention was never to put my words in your mouth.

When you used word like "shocked" and "psychologically disarmed" I thought you were saying that UNLA soldiers had a conscience.

Anyway , I happen to know about that Daughters of Charity restaurant . If was headed and run by Sr. Muyinza . We used to be sent there to buy fresh baked stuff . Right opposite was Bimbo and its Mike Mukula . He was always in company of UNLA soldiers .

When NRA arrived , he changed and was now hanging out with Rwigyema & Co.

I am very sure that he has a red shirt somewhere under the closet waiting for People Power arrival.
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0 #27 Lakwena 2020-11-30 14:10
Quoting Wooden K.:
Good day Lakwena !

I apologize if I misinterpreted you . My intention was never to put my words in your mouth.

We used to be sent there to buy fresh baked stuff . Right opposite was Bimbo and its Mike Mukula . He was always in company of UNLA soldiers .

When NRA arrived , he changed and was now hanging out with Rwigyema & Co.

I am very sure that he has a red shirt somewhere under the closet waiting for People Power arrival.

Wooden, apology accepted. The Daughter of Charity was fresh, affordable, sentimental and humanitarian, whereby almost every Saturday we went for breakfast. Next door was the Bible shop.

I do not know where DC relocated. Actually the day of the Coup we had first bought a bible for a struggling young friend (Sendawula) who. Unfortunately passed on way back, owing to the then deadly HIV/Aids.
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0 #28 Wooden K. 2020-11-30 15:59
Yes , Daughters Of Charity was one of many really genuine organisations. They used minimum resorces and produced maximum results.

Then come the Sons & Daughters of Lucifer .

You see them holding a bible in the left hand and a gun in the right hand.Their results are dead bodies on the streets.
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0 #29 Wooden K. 2020-11-30 16:20
Lakwena , look at this Kambarage as an example.

This Lucifer`s offspring has no idea what he is promoting .

Kambarage is here saying things that he and Museveni`s grand children might regret . Kambarage is too excited to think about the implications of his statement.

Today is today . But there is a tomorrow when someone might shoot and kill one of Museveni`s children or Grand children and say :
..." your death is your Father/ Grandfather`s legacy .. If he had not annoyed us by killing our own , this would not happen ..."

Mind you :the boy who shot Gadhafi in the head and those who killed Gadhafi`s son and displayed their dead bodies applied the same mentality that Kambarage and Tumwine are planting into young people`s brains
Mind you ; the Hutus who massacred Tutsis in Rwanda also blamed it on the ones who "started it
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0 #30 Wooden K. 2020-11-30 16:26
Mpaawo Atalikaaba is a horrible state of mind
A contest between an egg and a chicken has no winner.

Museveni MUST wake up , think and ask himself what he is PLANTING .

There are already too many SKULLS.
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