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Museveni wonders why anyone would oppose him or his govt

Museveni addressing residents in Sironko

Museveni addressing residents in Sironko

President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni is wondering why anyone in Uganda would think of opposing him and his government.

Speaking to the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) youths from the Bugisu sub-region in Mbale, Museveni only conceded corruption as the only ground that anybody can challenge him, but even on this, he said, he was working towards fixing it.

“If it is corruption, yes, we are also totally against corruption, it can be worked on but now what are they opposing? There is no opposition in Uganda that I cannot defeat because they have no logic. When in Luwero fighting we could approach the UPCs [Uganda People’s Congress] and ask them what they were fighting for. I would engage them with our ideology and they would change immediately to support our cause,” he said.

Museveni used the address to urge the youths to be disciplined ideologically, spiritually, morally, educationally and technically if they are to be useful to themselves and the country.

“When we talk about the youth these days, they talk about biology or age. That is very dangerous. We need the youth that is disciplined and ideological,” Museveni said.

Museveni who said he was a very active youth and brought up many youths in his house claimed youths who don’t uphold those qualities will be a failed generation who will not go far and maybe a problem to their families and the country. He informed them that at the time of independence, most of the leaders were all young and were not prepared to run the affairs of the country based on taking care of the needs and interest of the people.

“The leaders of those days were emphasizing on identity along tribal and religious lines and looking down on women,” he said, adding that “this trend caused them to fail, plunging the country into chaos. Such mistakes must not be repeated. I don’t want that to happen again especially to the NRM youths. You should not fall into that group,” Museveni said.

The 2021 elections are the first elections where Museveni who is seeking to extend his tenure to 40 years having already served 35 years as president, is facing off with mainly youthful competitors. Other than, Muntu, Tumukunde, and Patrick Amuirta Oboi, the rest of his competitors are below the age of 50 years. For example, Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu who appears to be his main challenger is only 38 years while the youngest challenger Katumba John is only 24 years.


+1 #41 Lawyer SociologistEc 2020-11-29 17:50
Your Excellency I am not shocked that you are not conceeding to the reasons why people want the end of your presidency.

But to say my points: 1.the country's money is used to better mainly those who subscribed to NRM.

2. communities have not received financial support from the government to build industries to trigger employment and source of income.

3. money is been misused, wasted, diverted to what is not borrowed or given for, 4. security indiscipline and immunity is at the heights. 5. the country has plummeted into a deep debt.

6. Ugandans are the ones to repay that debt through high taxes. Consider Uganda as building a house, you have constructed, let those who know how to paint do so. You were an outstanding trouser by you have become a worn out textile material that tearing each time repaired, and as a result dropping money. The pockets can be repaired anyone.
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