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Aceng to Museveni: NRM pulling me down

Health minister Jane Ruth Aceng leading a procession in Lira recently

Health minister Jane Ruth Aceng leading a procession in Lira recently

In a public speech last Sunday, Dr Jane Ruth Aceng, the minister for Health, made no secret of his dislike for Lira resident district commissioner, Milton Odongo.

She used her speech at Lira Golf Course to nudge President Museveni to remove Odongo from the sub-region. Museveni was in Lira to meet NRM youth delegates from Lango sub-region following their botched meeting on November 8, 2020.

All was well until Aceng was invited to welcome the president to address the meeting. She seized the opportunity to express her discomfort, saying she had no hand in the cancellation of the earlier youth meeting with the president as some people alleged. Aceng told the president that instead of promoting NRM candidates, leaders in Lango like Odongo are pulling them down.

Odongo, according to unverified reports, allegedly wrote to the Office of the President recently accusing Sam Engola, the NRM regional vice-chairperson for Northern Uganda, and Aceng of promoting robbery in Lango. He reportedly accused the duo of being the source of illegal guns used by robbers in the sub-region.

The drama escalated when President Museveni took to the stage and said that managing people doesn’t require biology but, rather, ideology. George Abdul, a nominee for the Northern Uganda Youth parliamentary race, said it is true some party leaders in the region are supporting opposition members.

He, however, said the minister should have presented the issue to party leaders behind closed doors. But Boniface Okot, the Northern Regional Youth NRM parliamentary candidate, concurred with Aceng, arguing that the NRM party constitution, schedule (4) doesn’t allow party cadres to rally support against the official candidate.

During the meeting, President Museveni lectured the youth delegates on wealth creation. He also asked them to help government follow up, monitor and accordingly report to relevant authorities, any abuse of government programs and public funds by unscrupulous officials.


+1 #1 WADADA rogers 2020-11-18 10:49
Wow, this sound interesting, i thought she was untouchable, imagine she can even organise procession and nobody touches her.

Let her dance to the music that she plays for others. Pulling her down is one thing, falling is another. Let them keep pulling until she pulls out of the race.
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+1 #2 Kabayekka 2020-11-18 12:36
Indeed she seems to be the saviour of these Uganda Northern regions not only from the ravages of incessant civil wars but also from the attacks of modern pandemics!

Trouble is everywhere on this African continent that during a protracted brutal civil war, the African women who cannot kill, are left holding the babies in the tropical bush starving and suffering immensely.
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+3 #3 Ainebyana 2020-11-18 18:01
Observer editorial, this is not news.

It's at best trash. So, do not bore your readers with stuff like this. Let Ms. Aceng go hang.
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+1 #4 kabinda 2020-11-18 20:48
"managing people doesnt require Biology but rather ideology"

What kind of bullcrap is that? Next time his prostrate acts up, let him tell the doctor to forget the biology he learned for years and use ideology.

I wonder where ideology pharmacies are. This overrated guerilla fighter is more than dead wood. He needs to go.
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+3 #5 Lakwena 2020-11-19 08:42
But Aceng should speak for herself. Why shouldn't the leaders in Lango like Odongo pull down NRM candidates like herself?

Simple: It is because they are traitors. Betrayal in the City.

If you know the difference between Good and Evil or Black and White; what would be the justification to choose and promote Evil?

E.g. Mr. Tibahaburwa Museveni is pure Evil: In 2004, he publicly threatened to shoot Obote on the tarmac at Entebbe Airport, if he dared come back from exile in Zambia; to come and formally handover the UPC leadership(UPC Party president).

Pure Evil: who murdered Brig. Opon Acak and others? Who was behind the Bar Lonyo massacre and pinned it on Joseph Kony and the LRA; in order to poison the relation between Acholi and Langi?
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