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Footballer beaten to death in Lamwo over poor defending

Police in Lamwo district have arrested two brothers accused of causing the death of a local football player they assaulted over alleged poor defending during a friendly local football match.

Joel Okello, 19, and Francis Opio, 23, all residents of Tumanun A village in Pobar parish, Agoro sub county allegedly assaulted Churchill Owaci 22, a local football player on Saturday evening after their team conceded a goal. 

Owaci later succumbed to injuries he sustained while being rushed for medical attention at Agoro health centre III, according to reports.

Jimmy Patrick Okema, the Aswa River Region police spokesperson says Owaci was first confronted by Okello and later joined by his elder brother Opio, who, began assaulting him on the pitch over poor defending. Okema notes the suspects were picked on Sunday and are all being detained at Lamwo central police station pending further investigation.

An eyewitness and relative of the deceased who didn't want to be named, says Owaci entered the pitch while tipsy on the fateful day. He says Owaci's poor performance under the influence of alcohol during the match, angered many spectators among them suspects, who confronted him after a goal was scored leading to fistfights.

He, however, notes Owaci could have suffered more injuries leading to his death after he followed one of the suspects and later engaged him in a fight when the match ended.

A case of murder has been registered under reference CRB 201/2020 has been entered at Lamwo police station. Police is yet to take any action on the over 20 players who were involved in the illegal match as the activity remains suspended under Covid-19 restrictions except under observance of strict conditions that include players being tested for coronavirus prior to the match.



0 #1 Akao 2020-10-12 22:59
There is a lot of mental health issues going on these days. People are becoming intolerance about useless things.

I think clan government need to restart their work about educating youths on the importance of lifeach and how to live a decent life.

Looks like families have given up on that. What a shame! What is with this football macthes that are now compared to human life? The two idoits should rot in jail forever!
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