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Woman throws twins into river after husband disappears with food money

Kitgum police are holding a woman for allegedly dumping her eight-month-old twin boys in a fast-flowing stream. Lily Oyella, a resident of Bipong village in Oryang parish and mother of six reportedly dumped the children in Auch stream, some 500 meters away from her home at about 6 pm on Saturday evening after a quarrel with her husband.

Wilfred Nyeko, the Labongo Amida sub-county LC 3 chairperson told URN in an interview that one of the children drowned in the stream while the other was rescued unconscious by locals.

Nyeko says trouble started on Friday when the suspect waited for her husband whom she had sent with an unspecified amount of money to buy food for the family for Independence Day celebrations in vain. He notes that the suspect’s husband identified as Kenneth Ochol instead used all the money to drink alcohol, leaving his family to spend the day without food.

According to Nyeko, Ochol returned home on Saturday morning but disappeared shortly after his wife confronted him. He says the infuriated woman took an irrational decision to dump the children in the stream to purportedly relieve her of the burden of keeping them since their father had absconded from his responsibilities.

The suspect was picked up in the evening and locked up at Kitgum central police station pending investigations while her husband is on the run, according to Nyeko. He adds that one of the children who survived the incident is receiving treatment at Kitgum General hospital while the deceased’s body is lying in the mortuary at the same hospital pending postmortem.

Police have opened up a case of murder against the suspect while Ochol is being hunted for interrogation.


+5 #1 Sabiti 2020-10-11 23:21
The woman is obviously on the wrong but the husband who put her in this situation should equally be culpable.

The only challenge may be that we do not have a befitting law to prosecute the man.

I am not sure this irresponsible man will take care of the other children when their mother is in jail or hanged! Left to me, I would hang the man and set the woman free.
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0 #2 AK 2020-10-12 10:39
Dumping the children in the river was not a solution to the problem.

Lesson to us all; we should learn to deal/tame our anger! The bible orders us to. The mum is in prison, the father is on the run!!

Who will now take care of the children?? God should have mercy on those young innocent souls.
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0 #3 Lakwena 2020-10-12 13:15
In other words, what a tragic double jeopardy:

With an irresponsible husband/father on the run, if the irate woman is imprison over murder, the other children with suffer the logical consequences.

This is just one of the many tragic cases where it would be better if some men were not born.

E.g., there was a case, where after selling off all harvest that the wife had worked so hard for, and boozed off the proceed, the fool came back to grab the only hoe from the woman to go sell it off for more booze.

But the woman couldn't stand the idea of the only tool of the family survival sold off for a drink. She simply used the same hoe and sent the fool to go rest in peace.

Thank God the Judge told the woman to go and take care of her children. Case of Murder dismissed! Eish.
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