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Museveni fires ISO boss Bagyenda

Kaka Bagyenda

Kaka Bagyenda

The Internal Security Organization (ISO) boss, Frank Kaka Bagyenda, has been sacked.

A source at ISO  who preferred anonymity said they have been notified that Kaka is no longer ISO director.

"You know it's the minister of security supposed to speak to you the media. He's currently not around but I can confirm to you he has been replaced," the senior official said. 

Kaka has reportedly been replaced with Charles Oluka who will be assisted by Emma Katabaazi. An operative at ISO headquarters in Nakasero said Kaka received the message of his sacking after meeting some of his field team a few minutes past 6 pm.

"I had just met him at the office and he was planning to go home. But he was just notified by a senior security officer," the ISO source said.

Kaka and his operatives have often been accused of doctoring intelligence reports about criminals, political groupings and crossborder security alerts.

Besides, Kaka has been on the spot over kidnapping, detaining and torturing of suspects in safe houses located in Kalangala district. Kaka has also been severally accused of filing false intelligence reports and turning ISO into a rogue organisation. 


+1 #11 Wainanchi 2020-10-11 04:10
Hello naggers.Please stop shading crocodile tears and do something good for your country

Ask not Museveni can do for Uganda but what good will you do for your motherland Trying to seeds if disunity ,hate and malice has never been good and brought only tragedies and disasters

We saw those movies in Uganda past history and we learnt for m these episides Obote,Dada ,Olala , Mwangas,etc brought not good to the people of Uganda Just think and remember those.

People never forget then They are free and happy.Uganda in the matter of 30 years swelled to double From 20 millions to 40 millions .Life is good in Uganda and Uganda is fighting for its people and not internally bleeding Shut the [censored] of bastards and lunatics
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0 #12 Lakwena 2020-10-12 10:14
Like Gen Kayinura,Rwakoojo,Taremwa and others before him (Kaka); Mr. Kaka is now a used useless idiot.

But what's the difference between Kaka and Mr. M7? Nyet. Mr. Kaka is the proverbial "the piece cut from the same cloth", being the "authors and masters" of dehumanizing violence.

If Kaka and evil team fabricated and made false reports about suspects, it is because that is the culture he inherited from Mr. M7/NRM, the art of bearing false witness.

E.g. who was behind the fabricated rape and treason charges against Dr. Besigye? Shame, it was none other than Mr. M7 himself.

In other words, we under a vicious regime that is playing the role of organized and violent criminals.
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0 #13 Lakwena 2020-10-12 10:29
Quoting WADADA rogers:
Observer, i know you dont like Kaka as much as i do but why dont you use words like Museveni replaces ISO boss, why do you quickly say Museveni fires

But Wadada, what difference does it make? I thought the one hires fires too.

In other words, stops splitting hair. What is in a word?

What difference would it have made if the Observer used the word "removed" Kaka. The Kaka and M7 of of this country love to humiliate their victims.

Therefore, their exits should not be treated with kind words. The measure they gave gave should be the measure they should get.

Do you e.g., know what unkind words Kaka (sh..t) and Co were using while torturing his/their victims?
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