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5 die of COVID-19 as Uganda runs out of hospital beds

Coronavirus safe and dignified burial

Coronavirus safe and dignified burial

Uganda has recorded its highest number of coronavirus disease deaths in a single day of 5 according to information released by the ministry of Health.

At least five people succumbed to COVID-19 yesterday. Two of the deceased were from Kapchorwa while the other cases were recorded in Kampala, Mbale and Gulu each.

This brings the number of recorded COVID-19 deaths in the country to 69. The minister of Health Jane Ruth Aceng says the health system is currently overwhelmed - with hospitals running out of admission beds and that the ministry can no longer trace contacts of patients because they are just too many.

She appealed to families with coronavirus patients to reach out to the ministry for testing. The number of deaths according to health experts, is going to rise now that community cases are on the rise. Dr Monica Musenero, an epidemiologist and also a senior presidential advisor said that more deaths should be expected in the country.

"Our health system is overwhelmed with cases right now and in such circumstances, we should expect more deaths. People are acquiring the disease but are home because there are no hospital beds. They cannot get treatment. In the end, we should expect more deaths," she said.

Yesterday, ministry of Health permanent secretary Dr Diana Atwine said all the hospital beds the ministry had set up for coronavirus patients have all been filled up. 

According to the Health ministry, over 60 per cent of the reported deaths had other existing comorbidities. The majority had either high blood pressure or diabetes.  

Dr William Worodria, the COVID-19 case manager says that they are experiencing more deaths because so many people seek care late.

"The disease has already spread in so many communities but people are not willing to go to hospitals early. Someone starts feeling sick but does not want to suspect that it might be COVID, so they remain home until it is too late," Dr Worodria said.

A total of 6,879 cases of the disease have been reported in the country. 


0 #1 Wooden K. 2020-09-23 22:36
Never mind if the health system is ovehwelmed . as long there are enough bicyles for all yellow monkeys.

Besides , we who believe in God know that when people die , it gives us chance to give birth to new ones. Nothing happens without a reason

Right Madam J ?
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0 #2 Henry Baisi 2020-09-24 06:26
Should we be opening schools and going out to campaign given the escalation in COVID deaths?

Govt should not cave into demands from the opposition to free them to go out and campaign,
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0 #3 Wainanchi 2020-09-24 08:26
Uganda!! You are not hearing and listening. Just hanging around, boozing, shopping and enjoying trans nights every day,every night as it is Doomsday approaching.

You are not following government rules ,wearing masks ,sanitizing hands, not keeping minimum distance of at least two meters and then...Kaboom!!

People dying like flies.Shouldvl day? How was it several months ago,fronds
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0 #4 Pipicax 2020-09-24 14:55
Should UK block it's border entry against Ugandans?

This the mentality those in Ugandan had towards Ugandans who returned to Uganda from the UK.
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