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Bregma clinic in Kitgum closed after death of COVID-19 patient

Coronavirus sample testing

Coronavirus sample testing

Kitgum district Covid-19 task force has temporarily closed Bregma medical centre, a private health facility after a coronavirus disease (Covid-19) patient passed on from their facility last week.

The former Kitgum district vice chairperson Billy Graham Odongkara was admitted at the facility located in Kitgum Municipality last Wednesday with the low blood pressure but died hours later Thursday morning after suffering from breathing complications.

Health officials who spoke to URN disclosed that Odongkara succumbed to Covid-19, following test results released by the Health ministry on Tuesday. Kitgum resident district commissioner, William Komakech also the Covid-19 task-force chairperson, says that they have since taken the bold step to close down the health facility pending testing of all staff.

Komakech says the facility will be fumigated, staff placed into mandatory quarantine of 14 days while tracing of patients who came into contacts with the health officials have commenced. Dr Vincent Oringa, the medical officer of Bregma medical centre says that they have temporarily stopped admitting new patients at the facility following directives from the district task force.

Dr Oringa acknowledges that the former vice-chairperson was admitted at the facility suffering from low blood pressure but notes that they detected Covid-19 symptoms later. He says Odongkara's blood pressure was stabilized but his condition worsened Thursday morning after complaining of breathing complication before passing on.

Oringa adds that 22 staff at the facility among them those who had direct contact with the deceased are undergoing self-quarantine from the facility waiting for Covid-19 testing. This is the second time the task-force committee is closing down health facilities after patients they admitted had tested positive for Covid-19. 

Late last month, Kitgum Maternity Home, a private health facility in Central Division and Kitgum General Hospital Laboratory were also temporarily closed over Covid-19 

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