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Museveni: Bobi Wine killing own supporters to implicate govt 

President Yoweri Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni has accused Kyadondo East MP and presidential aspirant Robert Kyagulanyi of infiltrating Ugandan security and killing his own supporters so as to implicate his government. 

In a statement issued today August 27, Museveni made reference to the 2018 Arua incident in which Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine's driver Yasin Kawuma was shot dead during a scuffle between his presidential guards, SFC and Kyagulanyi's supporters.

Since then, several Bobi Wine supporters have been killed in several confrontations and skirmishes with security personnel including Dan Kyeyune who was shot dead in the head in Nansana in February this year. Bobi Wine supporters were returning from the burial of their colleague, Ritah Nabukenya in Kiboga district, who had two days earlier, been knocked dead allegedly by a police truck in Nakawa while on her way to attend court. 

"In Arua, they stoned my vehicle and attacked NRM supporters who were coming from my rally. They had even driven a road grader (tinga tinga) all the way from Kampala, I think, to use in ramming our vehicles (kutomera). The SFC soldiers in a disciplined way delivered me to the helicopter first and went looking for the ring-leaders – Bobi Wine, Zaake and others. Eventually, they found them in a hotel. These wonderful gentlemen tried to assault our soldiers with punches. The soldiers punched them back until they subdued them." Museveni wrote. 

"It is very impressive that the soldiers never used guns against Bobi Wine and Zaake in the hotel rooms where they were making a fool of themselves trying to box soldiers as if they were boxing village thieves. One person died outside the hotel in mysterious circumstances. These groups have been in collusion with foreign enemies to infiltrate groups with guns to kill demonstrators and say that government is the one killing them. We are patiently following up those," he added.


Museveni says he has now issued new directives to police to arrest anyone including ministers who flout coronavirus guidelines. It comes at a time when Uganda's coronavirus deaths and cases have spiked to 28 and 2,679 respectively.

Both ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party and opposition politicians have flouted the preventive guidelines by holding mass campaigns that have attracted multitudes of people.

The trend was set off by Health minister Jane Ruth Aceng and Information and National Guidance minister Judith Nabakooba who held mass gatherings in their home areas while trying to canvass for votes. For flouting the guidelines, the police only seems to come hard on members of the opposition and Museveni says the fact that the ministers flouted the guidelines is no invitation for others to defy as well because they will be arrested. 

"We had contained the disease because the majority followed the guidelines. You cannot, if you care about Ugandans, therefore, say: “Because Aceng and Nabakooba have made a mistake, therefore, let all of us behave recklessly and many of us die”.

"Regarding the politicians that have been gathering People contrary to the guidelines, my order to the IGP is now out. No. 1, no Public meeting of any type have been allowed since March except the ones following the guidelines. In the past, the politicians (Aceng, Anite, etc.) were pleading that the People were gathering against their will. The order now is: “Do not put yourself in a situation where People gather around you. If you do, we shall arrest you." he said. 

Read full statement here


+3 #21 kirya 2020-08-28 19:48
M7 you are the killer the thug the looter and the self imposed dictator.

Nobody in Uganda want to grow up and be like you. I am sure you are preparing to corrupt your way to God"s kingdom!!

The many you killed will stand in the way and push you to hell !!!
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-3 #22 Wainaichi 2020-08-29 08:15
Pigs and haters.Jave you finished your silly tirades? If so please flush the toilets and fu..k off pigs and idiot's!!
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+3 #23 Zaitun 2020-08-29 09:32
I remember Milton Obote saying that Ugandans will come to regret the presence of Museveni, a man who tells the truth by mistake, one day in their lives. Here we are doing it now; making Obote (RIP) laugh to tears in his grave.!!!

Was Kyadondo East MP and presidential aspirant Robert Kyagulanyi there when you were killing Ugandans in every corner of the country, leave alone those you killed after grabbing power?

We are no longer interested in your rustic behavior. All we are interested to see is you, your family and your foreign aids picking your rags and leave the country.

Since you think you are a small god, the day is coming when you and your acolytes will try to flee but no country will accept to give you refuge except Luzira University.
A word is enough for a wise man you claim to be.
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0 #24 Musaija mukuru 2020-08-29 17:26
the allegation above made by the president is so shocking..
do we need services of a psychiatrist/ mental health doctor?

how can the young man kill his own supporters?
is this what makes african leaders be despised by whites or non african countries?
stop the lies!
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0 #25 Siimon Kimoyi 2020-08-29 21:53
This now makes me believe a Muslim saying for once:
" One devoid of the sense of shame can say anything anywhere, anytime."

Was Kyagulanyii there when a young citizen was slain in broad day light at Wandegeya on eve of 2016 elections, simply because he demonstrated support for Besigye????

And what was govt's response to the murderer up tot his day? Why does this old man take every Ugandan for a stupid person!!!
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0 #26 Muhoozi Martin 2020-08-30 04:02
Museveni revealing his secrets in public. These are the tactics he used in the bush.

Kill thousands in Luwereo and show up the next day to console the people so as to get their kids to join the NRA.

It's obvious he did it because he has not helped that area. Luwereo should look like Mbarara with everything they did for this regime.
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-3 #27 Wainaichi 2020-08-30 04:48
@ Musaija Mukuru-- How can they do it's they can do it.

Ask anyone what happen in Sarajevo when Bosnian Moslems bombed their own people and then blamed the other side That was pretext for America to bomb Serbs.

If you still do ot believe check archive..Klings in Miskin ststreet Sarajevo.Let us know how many in recent peolle were killed?

Or how about chemical weapons in Iraq which never existed but America attacked Iraq and later admitted much much later. Uganda beware of Danians who are bringing gifts' Legend of Troy!!!Trijan horse of modern times.Hahaha
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0 #28 Lakwena 2020-09-03 10:38
[quote name="umukosi" ....

By the way just a question here: Uganda is at the equator and the Temperatures are normally above 25°C.
Why is this man wearing so much attire at this time of the year?

Is he really healthy and fit to lead a Nation of Young People at this time?????

Umukosi, it is because the man is a coldblooded Sub-human reptile.

in other words, in order for any reptile: snake. lizard (mbalasasa), etc. to move, find food or function, its temperature must be raised to a certain degree.
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