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Coronavirus kills 3 more in Kampala, 94 others infected

Uganda has registered its highest COVID-19 daily death toll, 3 and the highest daily coronavirus infections, 94.
The total deaths now increased from 16 to 19 while the total number of confirmed infections has increased to 1,750. The deceased according to a statement from the ministry of Health include; two males aged 45 years and 31 years and a 57-year-old female who passed on at different unnamed private hospitals in Kampala.
The new cases include 53 alerts, 33 contacts, 7 truck drivers and one returnee from Kenya. Among the 53 alerts, 51 are from Kampala one each from Wakiso and one from Buvuma.
Of the 33 contacts to previously confirmed cases, 21 are from Kampala, 6 from Nakaseke, 3 from Wakiso, 2 from Adjumani and one from Koboko. The seven truck drivers arrived into the country via Busia, Lia and Elegu.
Kampala is currently Uganda's coronavirus hotspot and has been registering the highest number of daily infections in the past 2-3 weeks. 
”In light of the spike in new cases in Kampala Metropolitan Area, the is evident that the rate of community transmission is high. The public is STRONGLY advised to take personal responsibility to avoid contracting COVID-19. The earlier we change our attitude and behaviour towards COVID-19, the better for our health and nation,” says a statement from the ministry of Health.
"The Ministry appeal to the population including users of public transport to wear a face mask at all time, and wear it properly - ensure the nose, mouth and chin are fully covered, practice good hand hygiene and maintain a social distance whenever in public. COVID-19 is dangerous, spreads fast and it kills both the young and the elderly alike as statistics both locally and globally have shown." the statement added.
The infections are most likely going to rise even further as the country gears up for the upcoming election campaigns for the presidential, parliamentary and local government seats.
Despite the preventive guidelines issued by both the ministry of Health and the Electoral Commission barring political meetings, politicians in both the opposition and the ruling party, NRM have severally flouted the guidelines and held meetings where multitudes of people attended. 


0 #1 Momon 2020-08-20 17:46
“Two males aged 45 years and 31 years and a 57-year-old female who passed on at different UNNAMED private hospitals in Kampala.” UNNAMED just in case relatives again dispute MOH claim that their relative died of Covid. Very political.
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0 #2 WADADA rogers 2020-08-20 19:12
I have tried in vain to believe these stories, we keep hearing that people have died of covid 19, others claiming it has killed some people but we dont know any of them, who is fooling who.

How come in Tanzania there is not a single death, we is the architect of these stories and who benefits when these hopeless stories are written
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-1 #3 Wainaichi 2020-08-21 05:44
Why Nobi Wine and gangsters are allowed to mingle with people and agitate.

Police please stop these individuals from proliferating Corona virus since it just reemerged when Dingo and his gangsters started gawking for pray.Pllice block them and put behind bars now.k5
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