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Uganda registers 4th coronavirus death as 22 test positive

Safe and dignified burial team carrying out a mock burial exercise of coronavirus victims

Safe and dignified burial team carrying out a mock burial exercise of coronavirus victims

Uganda has registered another COVID-19 death - the fourth death in a space of two weeks.

The deceased is a 61-year-old female and resident of Kiyimbi, Nakulabye, Kampala. According to the ministry of Health, the deceased sought treatment from Mengo hospital on Wednesday this week after presenting with symptoms consistent with coronavirus of dry cough, fever, chest pain and difficulty in breathing.

She was later referred to Mulago hospital on Thursday but unfortunately died yesterday Friday. Last week Uganda registered its first coronavirus death of a 34-year-old female from Namisindwa in eastern Uganda. She died from Joy Hospice centre in Mbale after spending over 5 days in the hospital.

The second death was of an 80-year-old female from Kisenyi III, Mengo who was admitted in Mengo hospital while the third death was confirmed yesterday of a 67-year-old male of Nigerian origin, also a resident of Kisenyi who was admitted in Kiruddu general hospital in Makindye, Kampala.  

The deaths come at the time when World Health Organisation (WHO) regional director for Africa Dr Matshidiso Moeti praised Uganda, Seychelles, Mauritius, Zambia, Zimbabwe for effectively managing to control the spread of coronavirus cases in their countries.

"Rate of growth from imported cases has been very slow from the beginning and this has been sustained," Dr Moeti said. 

Moeti said the continent has registered a surge in coronavirus infections over the last two months with Kenya, Nigeria, Madagascar reported an unprecedented upsurge in cases. She said 5 countries account for 75 per cent of the continent's 900,000 infections, with South Africa accounting for 65 per cent of these.

Although she dismissed suggestions that due to low testing on the continent, the pandemic was silently killing Africans, she said there's definitely been some underreporting of deaths and infections and many people might have died of coronavirus before even reaching the hospital.

A case in point are Uganda's first three coronavirus deaths which were only confirmed by postmortem results. Moeti said South Africa has recorded more deaths this time of the year than in previous years yet the extra deaths have not been attributed to coronavirus. Moeti urged African countries to scale testing and preventive measures beyond the city centres into villages.


Uganda's ministry of Health is concerned about the increasing complacency of Ugandans towards the coronavirus pandemic despite the outbreak entering into its most dangerous stage of community spread. 

A further 22 new cases have today been confirmed to have been infected with coronavirus from the 2,550 samples tested on Friday - raising the total confirmed cases in the country to 1,176.

Out of the new cases, 6 are trucker drivers, 10 are returnees from abroad while 4 are contacts to a previously confirmed case in Namisindwa who were under quarantine at the time of testing, and two were community alerts from Namisindwa and Kampala (the deceased).

A total of 275,355 samples have so far been tested as of July 31, 2020.


+1 #1 Mbeho Achuc 2020-08-02 03:03
If China flue has been released into the Ugandans community, and testing is now being done postmortem when hospitals are not yet at full capacity, you will be shocked who it afflicts or even kills!!!

Aid to fight Covid 19 from the West should be monitored in how it is spent and those who embezzle it in fake and expensive procurements of food and test kits that newspapers are writing about be investigated by Agencies and apprehended.
Some Ugandan fools are not wearing masks in public transport, including on bodas in Kampala and up country and can't remember food for relief won't be there in Africa by Africans, expensive testing kits are worsening Uganda's credibility etc
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+2 #2 kabayekka 2020-08-02 08:01
Mbeho my dear you seem to say that NRM is doing everything right to win this coming election. And you are blaming the rest of the Uganda society for being complacency towards the pendamic of COVID19.

Try if you can to put your medical mask on yourself 24 hours for a week. I will congratulate you and wish you never in your life to ever catch a normal flu virus disease!
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0 #3 Sabiti 2020-08-02 08:55
The biggest challenge we have in Uganda that the Ministry of Health and investigate journalists should take interest in is that at the points at entry (Malaba, Busia etc) one can enter Uganda without being screened for coronavirus.

All you do is pay some money and you even get a certificate showing that you are coronavirus free. At Malaba; there is a truck used specifically for this purpose and there are agents dealing in this.

You can pay upfront and by the time you arrive at the border; you will find everything ready and a truck to take you across the border to Uganda.
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0 #4 Akot 2020-08-02 16:10
Mbeho Achuc, agreed, but,

Imposing wearing of masks, even in USA/Europe, is a problem that governments are finding difficult to ensure;

- people spit on those who want them to wear masks,
- the young partying, kissing, embrasing to show they
are free humans,
- masks that have thrown away after few hours of
use, reusable ones washed/disinffected every 4
- in public transport wearing of masks is OBLIGARORY, yet, people remove them when talking on phones & 99% have phones,

- testing for the virus can be assuring if done
frequently , to ensure the already tested negative
are still not inffected!

Worse, the blind sprint to find vaccine from outside area of origin of the virus, is senseless & China that wants to control the world should know it!
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