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Uganda's COVID cases rise to 902, as another 259 people die in Africa

Uganda's confirmed coronavirus cases have risen to 902 after nine samples tested positive from the 1,958 samples tested on July 2.

Seven of the confirmed cases are contacts who were picked from Amuru and Tororo, while the other cases were of two truck drivers from the Malaba point of entry. The number of recoveries increased to 847 after 10 new patients got discharged. With Uganda's cases now heading towards the 1000 mark, the minister of Health Dr Jane Ruth Aceng says that people need to take precautions.

"As we register more cases in communities, it is important that people take the necessary precautions. People should wash their hands and wear a mask to protect themselves," said Aceng.

Globally the number of infections rose to 10,933,326 while the number of deaths increased to 521,658 while 6,109,719 recoveries.

Below is a breakdown about the state of infections as of July 2, 2020. 

Central and East Africa

🔹 Sudan lost 30 people (total 602) and 316 new infections (9573)

🔹 DR Congo recorded 5 new deaths (total 175) and 83 new infections (total 7,122)
🔹 Kenya lost one more person (total 149) and 307 new infections (total 6673)
🔹 Djibouti recorded one new death (total 55) and 22 new infections (total 4,704)
🔹 Mayotte recorded 40 new infections (total 2,643)

🔹 South Sudan recorded 14 new infections (total 2,021)
🔹 Congo recorded 4 new deaths (total 41) and 295 new infections (total 1,382)
🔹 Cape Verde recorded 40 new infections (total 1,267)
🔹 Rwanda recorded its 3rd death and 17 new infections (total 1,042)
🔹 Sao Tome and Principe recorded one new infection (total 715)
🔹 Madagascar recorded 2 new deaths (total 22) and 89 new infections (total 2,303)

Southern Africa

🔹 South Africa lost a further 92 people (total 2,749) while 8,124 new infections (total 159,333)

🔹 Malawi lost 2 people (total 16) while a further 41 got infected (total 1,265)
🔹 Zambia lost six more people (total 30) and recorded 38 new infections
🔹 Mozambique recorded 14 new cases (total 903)
🔹 Eswatini recorded 28 new infections (total 28)

🔹 In Zimbabwe 14 new infections were recorded (total 605)
🔹 Angola lost two more people (total 15) and 7 new infections (total 291)
🔹 Namibia recorded 80 new infections (total 285)
🔹 Lesotho recorded 8 new infections (total 35)
🔹 Zambia recorded 6 new deaths (total 30) and 38 new infections (total 1,632)

West Africa

🔹 Nigeria recorded 13 new deaths (total 603) and 790 new infections (total 25,484)

🔹 Ghana recorded 5 deaths (total 117) and 393 new infections (total 18,134)
🔹 Ivory Coast recorded 203 new infections
🔹 Senegal registered 4 new deaths (total 116) and 132 new infections (total 6,925)
🔹 Gabon recorded 119 new infections (total 5,513)

🔹 Guinea recorded 13 new infections (total 5,404)
🔹 Sierra Leone recorded 36 new infections
🔹 Liberia registered one more death (total 37) and 24 new case infections (804)
🔹 Togo recorded 11 new infections (total 661)

North Africa

🔹 Egypt registered 81 new deaths (total 3,034) and 1,503 new infections
🔹 Algeria recorded a further 8 deaths (total 920) and 365 new infections (total 14,272)
🔹 Morocco recorded 103 new infections (total 12,623)
🔹 Mauritania recorded 109 new infections (total 4,472)
🔹 Tunisia recorded one new infection (total 1,175)
🔹 Libya registered its 25th death and 50 new infections (total 874)

In total 259 people died in Africa and 13,457 new cases on July 2. In total 10,443 people have died from coronavirus and 421,382 cases have been confirmed thus far. 

Over 160,000 cases of COVID-19 are reported globally every day according to the World Health Organisation. Last month many countries that had instituted nationwide lockdowns begun lifting them. Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the director general of WHO says countries should expect flare-ups in the cases.

"Flare-ups are to be expected as countries start to lift restrictions. We will never get tired of saying that the best way out of this pandemic is to take a comprehensive approach. Not testing alone. Not physical distancing alone. Not contact tracing alone. Not masks alone. Do it all. Countries that have adopted this comprehensive approach have suppressed transmission and saved lives," he said.


0 #1 P. Goldberg 2020-07-03 01:23
Uganda must be the only country where there is no truth any more. Most official have no shame or honer. How can Masaka RDC Mr. Ssentongo say the nurse Ms. Mary Alion have a hidden agenda.

Really! Hidden agenda by exposing rot in Uganda Health System. The country is really under dictator. They all cover one another behind from top to bottom. The Health minister disputed the video now the RDC is covering the minister behind.

Can a video really lyie-only in Uganda. What a country. I hope he never get sick to beg M7 to give him money to go to India for treatment.

I am sure some of his own relatives are rotting in those facilities and he has no heart for the truth. That what happen when your self interest is more than the country.
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0 #2 kabayekka 2020-07-03 08:32
What of those Africans dying of other treatable diseases, corruption induced practices, and power struggle civil wars on this continent?

There should be an African website to illustrate all these iniquities!
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