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Museveni orders all ministers to test for COVID-19

President Yoweri Museveni has ordered all his cabinet ministers to undergo COVID-19 testing before they can be allowed to attend weekly sessions.
Testing of the ministers begun Thursday and continued Friday at the Office of the Prime Minister. On the first day of the exercise, a number of high profile officials reportedly tested positive for the virus and have started treatment. Their contacts, including the Prime Minister Dr Ruhakana Rugunda also went into self-isolation. 

Museveni has taken various precautionary measures to protect himself from the coronavirus including sending home all non-essential staff from State House while those who stayed are limited from interacting with members of the public. Museveni himself has limited his interaction with the public including addressing parliament for his State of the Nation Address via Zoom (video link) from the regularly sanitized and disinfected State House Entebbe. 
Dr Diana Atwine, the permanent secretary of the ministry of Health says that the ministers are being tested because they are at high risk of contracting the disease since they come into close contact with many people. A total of 48 ministers will be tested every two weeks. 

Emmanuel Ainebyoona, the Health ministry spokesperson says the ministers will be tested as part of a bigger plan to ensure that the government officials who interact with many people know their status.

The ministry has also been testing staff and journalists. The testing of high-risk groups of people comes at a time when the number of confirmed cases in Uganda has risen to 557.

Uganda had suspended its high-risk traveller testing because the ministry says it was a waste of test kits. But Atwine says Uganda now has enough test kits and expecting over 100,000 test kits. Uganda uses the PCR test which cost $65 per kit. Government is bound to spend over $5,200 (Shs 19m) on testing the ministers.  

To date, 120,000 tests have been carried, of which, 23,000 of these are from the community picked during the just concluded rapid assessment survey and around 12,000 were among high-risk travellers. Majority of the testing has been carried out among truck drivers and their contacts.  


0 #11 Akot 2020-06-06 18:09
Quoting kirya:
m7 you are the corona virus who has been around for 35 years and cannot let Uganda breath.

You steal, corrupt the confused and plan to make natives slaves their country. The greedy first family has to go.

Kirya, I love you!

Bringing down the tribalistic system Museveni put in place without consulting Ugandans, comes FIRST, then UNITY of all to show him way out!

Museveni MUST be stopped by UNITY of civilians!

Then police/army will have to go with him or apologyse to Ugandans!

Once UNITY throws Musevnei out, Ugandans will have to immediately;

- make tribal lands 'real countries, or

- reform the Republic of Uganda!

As long as the tribalistic system ensures Museveni's post, he'll dictate for the next 30 years & developed world will continue to watch in silence.
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0 #12 Akot 2020-06-06 18:17
Wooden K., understood.

Ugandans are lost children without mothers & look up, wait for Museveni to save them.

Ugandans don't even know those who were 30 years old in 1986 are now dead or so old without social care!

More worrying, Ugandans act as if Musevnei is eternal!
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0 #13 Wooden K. 2020-06-06 23:27
Thank you for pointing that out . Very few Ugandans read . Right here , we have an "educated" fellow who swore that Animal Farm was a cartoon story for small kids,

So , yeah ,I can`t be surprised that not many will get the potent ooint behind my "philosophy"

I hope it will help to simplify it like this:
for years and years , many Ugandans have begged and pleaded with our Rulers to do something about our Health care system ; to stop wasting our meagre resources traveling endlessly ; to remember that it is human to be afraid; that flattery should never make them vain …. We told them that there may come a virus that is tougher than covid-7 , the one that no cash can vaccinate

They refused to listen

Out of nowhere come Corona ….it harrases the crap out powerful as if they were helpless.

Then , the natives are overheard invoking DC Corona :--" They are in there ..maybe you can help us.."

God Bless !!
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0 #14 Juwait kali 2020-06-07 11:49
Is covid _7 the milder version O?
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0 #15 Wooden K. 2020-06-07 13:21
QUESTION : Is covid_7 milder version of …?

1- though Covid -7 has been here for 40 years causing a mess in and around Uganda , the World seems to have not noticed it. WHO , USA , EU Union etc may have decided that Covid-7 is a tolarable pain that is expected in "shithole" Republics

2- H.E Super Leader invented a fantatic vaccine for Covid-7 : CASH . If that doesn`t work , Kiboko and Preventive arrest become plan B

3- Covid-7 has never managed to bring our "leaders" back down to earth as Namba 19 has done

If ours were not PLE journalists , they would tell that this is the first time in 35 years H.E Super Glue has spent straight 77 Days at HOME.

His super Jet must be wondering what the hell has happened.
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0 #16 karemire 2020-06-07 14:51
Quoting Juwait kali:
Is covid _7 the milder version O?

Is that "O" referring to Otafire? If so YES, and if not, then anybody's guess is as good as mine. Please be brave and clarify that.
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0 #17 Wooden K. 2020-06-07 18:09
Keremire . my own guess is that O stands for Obote

That was the guy who laid all the eggs from which all virus(es) germinated .

My prediction is that Uganda will never be totally free until the day the last one of Obote`s eggs is out of the way
FYI : Amin , Okello , Muwanga , Binaisa , Museveni , Rugunda , Otafirie , Mbabazi , , Moses Ali ,Kiveijinja were Obote`s cadres before they "germinated " into whatever they become
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0 #18 Juwait kali 2020-06-07 18:28
KAREMIRE I wanted to mean or. My grandpa Otafire decided long time ago to just enjoy quietly the fruits of Luweero blood.
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0 #19 Juwait kali 2020-06-08 00:06
I actually sacarsitically thought wooden K substituted M7 for covid-7 as he has become super glu, kamala byonna!!!!!! Alitua continua.
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