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7 Ugandan health workers test positive for coronavirus

Health workers at Jinja Covid-19 isolation centre

Health workers at Jinja Covid-19 isolation centre

Seven Ugandan frontline health workers have tested positive for the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). 
The infected workers include three nurses, two doctors and two senior-level staff. Uganda's confirmed cases have now increased to 417 with 72 recoveries and no deaths yet. 3 of the health workers were confirmed among samples tested on Saturday, May 30 while four others were confirmed on Sunday.

The ministry of Health indicates that health workers tested positive from various places. Two of the seven positive workers are from Lira regional referral hospital. A lead nurse and a medical officer from Lira hospital have been admitted at Entebbe regional referral hospital while the rest are at Mulago specialised hospital.      

Entebbe hospital director, Dr Moses Muwanga says that Lira hospital staff are stable and under close monitoring. The hospital currently has 45 patients, most of whom are long-distance truck drivers. 

The ministry said that experts in infection, prevention and control, case management and psychosocial management are investigating what could have happened and how the health workers got infected.

However, Dr Stephen Ayella, the deputy president of Uganda Medical Association hinted on inexperience and staffing shortfalls as possible leads for the health workers' infections at Lira hospital.    

“The team of 14 health workers has never handled an infectious disease like Ebola or COVID-19 and they were also overwhelmed after receiving 21 patients in five days,” says Ayella.


0 #1 Larry james 2020-06-01 11:40
Is the lockdown over? Seeing thousands of people in town. 90% no masks. Did I miss the President's covid speach?

Are the 90% waiting for the masks from nytil that were promised by the government? It's almost like covid was a hoax. No one seems concerned.
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0 #2 Miki 2020-06-02 19:18
The covid 19 infection of health care providers may mean the start of community spread and start of the real problem posed by this very contagious disease.

The problems for every country grew once community spread started. Multiple cases, with many people getting very sick and needing specialised care means an overwhelming of the the health care systems even where they are strong.

For Uganda and almost the whole of Africa, there is simply no infrastructure to handle the thousands of multiple case that the contagion of community spread causes.

And to make matters worse, the community spreading of the disease maybe starting when the country is starting to lift the lock down. Everybody must be very worried by this.
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