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Uganda's coronavirus cases increase by 31 to 253

Confirmed coronavirus cases in Uganda have increased tp 253 cases after another 31 people tested positive for the disease on Tuesday. 

The new cases were tested from 1,116 samples, and include 23 truck drivers and 8 contacts to previously confirmed positive drivers. All the contacts were under quarantine at the time of testing according to the ministry of Health. 

The 20 foreign drivers (16 Tanzanians and 4 Kenyans) who tested positive were returned back to their respective countries. Globally, there are 5,676,498 confirmed infections, 351,592 deaths and at least 2,426,044 recoveries as of May 26. 

In Africa there 116 new deaths and 3,593 new cases registered on Tuesday. In comparison, on Monday, May 25, there 139 new deaths and 4,145 new infections. Below is how selected African countries fared on the coronavirus report on Tuesday. 

East/Central Africa

Kenya registered 62 new cases - 59 Kenyan nationals and unnamed 3 foreign nationals. So far, Kenya's confirmed coronavirus cases have risen to 1,348. The new cases were confirmed from 2,293 samples tested in the past 24 hours. 

Coronavirus fatalities in Kenya still stand at 52 and the number of recoveries increased to 405 after another 3 people got discharged from hospital. 

Meanwhile, Rwanda registered 3 new confirmed cases from 1,074 samples tested - taking its national tally to 339. A further 6 people also recovered and got discharged. The total number of recoveries in Rwanda now stands at 244.

In South Sudan, confirmed cases stand at 806 with a total of 8 deaths. Tanzania’s confirmed cases have remained at 509 since the last update about three weeks ago. 

DR Congo registered 106 new cases and one more death. As such, their confirmed coronavirus cases now stand at 2,403 with 68 deaths as of May 26. 

Sudan registered 156 new cases and 5 deaths while Ethiopia recorded 46 new cases (total 701) and one more death (total 6).

In the Central African Republic, there were 19 new cases (total 671) while Somalia recorded 22 more infections (total 1,711) and one more death (total 67). In Madagascar, 44 more people got infected - rising the national tally to 586. In São Tomé and Príncipe there were 142 new cases (total 441) and one more death (total 12). Cape Verde had its fourth coronavirus related death.

Health workers in Kenya running COVID-19 tests

North Africa

Egypt registered 14 new deaths (total 797) and 789 new cases (total 18,756). Algeria registered 8 more deaths (total 617) and 194 new cases (total 8,697).

Morocco recorded two more deaths (total 202) and 45 new cases (total 7,577) while Libya registered two new cases (total 77). West Sahara with 9 confirmed cases recorded its first Covid-19 related death. In Mauritania, there were 6 new cases (total 268) and 4 new deaths (total 13). 

West Africa

Nigeria recorded 16 new deaths (total 249) and 276 new cases (total 8,344). Ghana’s cases rose by 156 to 6,964. In Cameroon, there were 546 new infections (total 5,436) and 10 new deaths (total 175).

In Senegal, there were 31 new cases (total 3,161) and one new death (total 36) while Ivory Coast recorded 54 additional cases to rise its national tally to 2,477. In Gabon, 103 more people got infected while in Niger one more person was confirmed as infected (total 952) and one more died. In Mali, 18 people got infected (total 1,077) and 3 more died - rising the total deaths to 70.

Liberia recorded one more infection (total 266) while another 5 people (total 391) also tested positive in Togo. In Benin, 17 more people tested positive for coronavirus disease (total 208). Chad’s cases rose to 700 after another 13 people tested positive.

Southern Africa

South Africa recorded 649 new infections (total 24,264 and 43 new deaths (total 524). In Eswatini, there were 5 new confirmed cases (total 261) while Mozambique registered 4 new cases (total 213). In Mayotte, 25 more people got infected (total 1,634).


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