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15 more Ugandans test positive to COVID-19

Uganda's confirmed coronavirus cases have risen to 160 after another 15 new cases were registered on Thursday. The new cases were part of 2,729 samples that were tested.

Ten of the 15 cases are Ugandan truck drivers who entered the country through Elegu point of entry with South Sudan, while five other cases were from the community.

According to ministry of Health, all the community cases are people who have been under quarantine because they were contacts of previously confirmed positive cases, mostly truck drivers. To date, over 1,200 people are under quarantine.

The government also blocked the entry of 21 truck drivers who tested positive at different points of entry. This brings the number of drivers handed over since the week begun to 145.

Dr Jane Ruth Aceng, the minister of Health says that the drivers are being handed over due to a presidential directive.

"The president made a directive that only truck drivers who test negative would enter the country. Drivers who test positive are handed over to their county of origin for treatment," Aceng said.

Uganda revised it's cases from 274 confirmed cases to 145 on Wednesday after dropping all foreign cases from its records. The World Health Organization (WHO) said Uganda must inform the neighbouring countries about the revised figures. 

Kenya on Thursday recorded its most cases in a single day after 80 new cases were recorded on Thursday from 3,102 samples. The new cases include a 6-month-old baby. Kenya's total confirmed cases now stand at 1,109. 

South Sudan's coronavirus cases spiked by 191 to 481 on Thursday. Rwanda registered 6 new cases to take the national tally to 320 confirmed cases. Cameroon recorded 555 new cases, South Africa recorded 1,134 new cases and 30 new deaths. Egypt recorded 774 new cases and 16 new deaths. 

Algeria 186 new cases and 7 new deaths. Morocco recorded 78 new cases and 2 new deaths. Sudan recorded 410 new cases and 10 new deaths. In Senegal, there were 98 new cases and 2 new deaths. DR Congo had 104 new cases while Somalia recorded 21 new cases.


0 #1 Amooti Mugi 2020-05-22 05:37
World Health Organization must compel Tanzania to declare it's China flu cases on a daily basis, otherwise the former is becoming belligerent and hiding it's figures.

For almost three weeks now, and Tanzania is hiding her figures even to her own citizens, foiling all attempts to fight the China pandemic and,worse, becoming a burden for E/Africa..

Dr. Acheng Ruth, you have won our hearts by your professionalism in the fight against the China flu..Prof.Pontiano of UVRI, and other doctors too.

Remember to NOT ALLOW ANY corrupt thieves to come near your team !!!
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0 #2 kibedi nkuutu 2020-05-22 12:07
If what Uganda is doing to all these foreigners was done to fellow Ugandans abroad, what would have happened then?

Museveni refused Ugandans to come back saying that "they have to be treated or taken care of by those respective countries" (A WHO directive).

Now he is shooting himself in the leg by denying Tanzanian etc the chance to actually survive the virus by taking them up! Museveni is always quoting the Bible, but it seems he has forgotten or decided to ignore that proverb about the "Good Samaritan"!

Don't turn back these drivers! Give them the assistance they need. It is only then that the region will hail you as a good leader.

These are fellow Africans, and Museveni is fond of talking "Pan-Africanism". Aceng: follow the WHO directives! Can you imagine if all Ugandans in the diaspora were turned away? We have lost more than 50 Ugandans as a result of this virus, and all in foreign countries. Do the needful.
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0 #3 miki 2020-05-22 23:53
@-Nkuutu, the problem is not that Mr. Museveni is sending back the foreigners home to their countries. It is the right thing to do and their countries are obligated to safely let them come back home.

The travesty is Mr. Museveni's wanton abuse of the constitution by arbitrarily proscribing the right to return home by Ugandan citizens trapped abroad due to covid19.

It is illegal! Ugandans should be able to safely return home for bad or worse regardless of circumstance. It is callous when Uganda government officials say that the country cant find the money to bring back home its citizens stranded abroad where some of them even face danger like in China.

It is criminal for a politician, even if it is the president, to arbitrarily suspend or take away any Ugandan citizen's right of return home whether alive and healthy, sick and dying or even if dead. The right thing to do is to help them safely return, or to safely let back in those who can afford to come home on their own.
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