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Uganda registers 12 new coronavirus cases

Another 12 Ugandan drivers have tested positive for coronavirus disease on Monday. The new cases were part of the 1,743 samples tested on Monday.

32 foreign truck drivers who tested positive for the COVID-19 were denied entry into the country. Uganda’s confirmed coronavirus cases have now risen to 260, with recoveries still at 63.

Seychelles became the latest African country after Western Sahara and Eritrea to have all their coronavirus recovered and discharged.

Meanwhile, Kenya’s cases rose by 25 to 912 and Rwanda recorded 5 new cases. Rwanda now has 297 confirmed cases. Burundi registered 19 new cases to rise its national tally to 19. South Africa recorded 22 new deaths and 918 cases. South Africa has so far recorded 286 total deaths and 16,433 infections.

Egypt registered 535 new cases and 15 new deaths. In Algeria, there were 182 new infections and 7 new deaths. Morocco registered 82 new cases.

In Nigeria, there were 216 new cases and 9 new cases. In Cameroon, there were 424 new cases while in Guinea there 138. Sudan registered 302 and 8 new deaths.

Senegal had 64 new cases and one death. In Ivory Coast, there were 10 new cases and one death. In DRC there 83 new deaths while Djibouti registered 117 and 3 new deaths. Somalia recorded 34 new cases and one death. Gabon recorded 112 new cases and 28 new cases in Mayotte.

In Guinea-Bissau, there were 42 new cases. In Niger, there were 5 new cases and one new death. Mali recorded 14 new cases while in Zambia there 8 new cases.

Equatorial Guinea recorded 125 new cases while Chad had 16 new cases. Sierra Leone had 14 new cases and one death. Ethiopia recorded 35 new cases, Congo had 21 new cases. There were 3 new cases in Reunion. Madagascar had 18 new cases. Overall, there were 72 new deaths, 3,693 new cases in Africa. 

Brazil became the 4th most infected country in the world after USA, Russia and Spain at 254,220 total cases. USA is the most infected country at 1,549,343 infections with 91,915 total deaths. 


0 #1 David Kachope 2020-05-19 08:02
How about Tanzania?
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0 #2 Ahmed Salem 2020-05-20 21:47
Quick comment to say that Western Sahara is just a territory south Morocco.

It has never been a sovereign state in the history of humanity & will never be. Thanks
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