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Uganda coronavirus cases rise by 21 to 160

Officials taking swabs from truck drivers at Mutukula border

Officials taking swabs from truck drivers at Mutukula border

21 more truck drivers have today tested positive for coronavirus disease to take Uganda’s tally to 160 confirmed cases. 

The new cases include 8 Kenyans, 7 Tanzanians, 5 Ugandans and one South Sudanese who entered Uganda via various border entry points at Mutukula, Busia and Elegu.

A total of 1,896 samples were tested and all 303 community samples tested negative. The total number of recoveries have also increased to 63 cases.

Meanwhile, Kenya's cases rose to 758 after another 21 new cases out of the 1,486 samples and 2 new deaths (42 total) were registered on Thursday.

Kenya's recoveries rose by three to 284. The 8 Tanzanian truck drivers who tested positive at Namanga and Isebania borders were denied entry into Kenya. To date, Kenya has tested 36,918 samples. 

Rwanda today recorded no new case out of the 895 samples tested while 4 more patients recovered from coronavirus to take the total number of recoveries at 168. There were no updates from Burundi and Tanzania whose cases still stand at 15 and 509 cases respectively. 

Total cases stand at 76,189 as of May 14. The continent registered 56 new deaths and 2,216 new cases. South Africa registered 665 new cases and 19 new deaths.

Egypt had 398 new cases and 15 new deaths in Egypt. Algeria registered 7 new deaths and 189 new cases. Zambia registered 208 new cases to take its national tally to 654. DR Congo’s cases rose by 73 cases to 1,242. 

The USA recorded 1,387 new deaths and 19,504 new cases. Spain had 217 new deaths and 1,551 new cases. The UK registered 428 new deaths and 3,446 new cases. Brazil registered 460 new deaths and 8681 new deaths.


+2 #1 Sabiti 2020-05-15 07:49
We are now approaching the tipping point where we will experience an exponential increase in the number of cases and deaths.

With the increase in cases, the reproductive rate of the virus (i.e the number of people an infected person will infect) will increase rapidly from now on.

I have praised the response of the government so far but I think we are now beginning to lose control.

A simple control of truck drivers has totally defeated the government. People have also become defiant thinking rhey are immune to the virus; well we are not and it will surely kill us like anything has ever done before.
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+2 #2 Thuwwyba Kizito 2020-05-15 14:43
Ugandans have endured weeks of hardship, loss of income and livelihoods all in the hope of minimizing the scale of the pandemic.

But the real spreaders of the virus are roaming free, holding a whole nation at ransom. . We demand our lives and rights back. Tue govtvt must DO something credible about the truck drivers.
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+1 #3 Lysol 2020-05-15 17:44
The number of COVID-19 cases for Uganda like many African countries have not peaked yet.

It will get worst, before it gets better. More testings are needed to confirm the correct numbers. Only time will tell.
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+1 #4 Amooti Mugi 2020-05-15 20:30
As most Ugandan youthful idiots are roaming towns and trading centres in the country bare nosed in direct contravention of the president s directive to have a mask on the face if any one must move to a public place!!!

The directive was issued, it must be enforced!! It's for the benefit of both the wearer and others. Simple principle people seem not to understand!
Anyway, this is Africa...
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