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Zaake admitted to Naguru hospital after collapsing in detention

MP Zaake was arrested last Sunday

Mityana municipality MP Francis Zaake is admitted to Naguru based Iran-Uganda hospital after collapsing while in detention at the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) in Kireka.
Zaake was arrested on Sunday evening in Mityana district for allegedly defying presidential directives on the distribution of food to members of the public.

President Yoweri Museveni had earlier on advised that all relief supplies be channelled through the National COVID-19 Taskforce, to avoid exposing people to circumstances that could lead to the spread of the disease.
The idea of centralizing the distribution according to Museveni was to ensure that food is distributed in an orderly manner by the food distribution teams, which are screened to further reduce the risk of spreading the virus to vulnerable families benefiting from food donations.  Museveni accused opposition politicians of trying to milk political capital out of the COVID-19 crisis. 

Zaake, an ardent supporter of the People Power pressure group was allegedly found distributing packs of rice and sugar to selected households in Buswa-Bulongo and Kiwawu villages in Mityana municipality and subsequently arrested. 

People Power spokesperson Joel Ssenyonyi said Zaake’s health started deteriorating on Wednesday, after collapsing at the Special Investigations Unit. In the aftermath, he was taken to Naguru Hospital where he is currently admitted. 
Ssenyonyi maintains that Zaake never disobeyed the presidential guidelines because he had hired motorcycles to safely deliver food to starving people in his constituency. He says unlike Zaake, several other ruling party leaders like minister Rosemary Sseninde who distributed food in Wakiso, Kyotera MP Haruna Kasolo, Hanifa Kawooya are freely distributing food without being arrested. 

Zaake’s father Butebi Zaake has also confirmed that his son is in critical condition, However, Butebi could not divulge more details regarding Zaake’s condition in the hospital. 
Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson Patrick Onyango declined to comment on the matter saying that he was yet to be briefed.       


+1 #11 Jama 2020-04-24 22:43
One day Ugandans will emancipate themselves from this barbarism as they did to colonialism.

Why are they arresting those who feed the starving and let foreign truck drivers freely spread the disease?
What is the sense of the lockdown when economic interest is privileged more than human lives?

This is like a sabotage to the efforts made by these medical personal who are on the front line doing their best to contain this deadly pandemic.
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-9 #12 Wainanchi 2020-04-25 05:53
This sale had been trouble all time and is guilty of formenting armed rebellion and loss of life recently

He was saved from the gallows but the freak never bothered and fought the elected Government.

It is interesting to note that both Zaake and Bobi Dingo Pig or Swine used nations pandemic for selfish political reasons.

On one hand we saw decent People Power peoplevdonating food and getting recognition from tjecOM while those two barking dogs continue to bark against the peolle if Uganda.

We hope Zaake is faking and will soon jump up and kick his ass.
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+3 #13 juna 2020-04-25 06:04
but why to search extent?the govt is politicising the situation, NRM mps are distributing food freely but they are toturing the govt opposers.

this is afailed govt due to its politicising everything
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-6 #14 Grace 2020-04-25 12:43
The bible says: You reap what you sow. (Gal 6:7]]. zaake is an indiscplined fellow and attracks no sympathy from many of us.
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+1 #15 arnold001 2020-04-25 17:40
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+1 #16 Kalibbala 2020-04-25 19:16
I keep telling you !! NRA..was Born by a Megalomaniac..who feeds on Dead Bodies..Luwero's 2.000.000.

He tells Ugandans that Killing is his Hobby But Nobody is Listening!! Did You hear any Condolences from State House?

Zaake is Targeted simply Because of his Wealth..He is NOT Corruptible...Wainamavi wait for Your DAY..Even Gaddafi(R.I.P) and Saddam came and passed..Whether You Like it Or Not..Bloodthirsty Gluttons Who have Stolen Everything Leaving Uganda Bleeding...Time is on Our side...
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+1 #17 Brig. Tamale 2020-04-27 09:19
One of the dictator 's body guard is supposed to make a whole through the dictator 's thick skull.
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