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Gov't ordered to produce detained first family critic Kakwenza

Kakwenza Rukira Bashaija

Kakwenza Rukira Bashaija

The High court in Kampala has directed government to produce novelist and government critic, Kakwenza Rukira Bashaija and explain why he has been in detention for more than the mandatory 48 hours.

Kakwenza, a political activist also the author of a book titled, The Greedy Barbarian, that criticises Uganda's first ruling family, was arrested on April 13, from his home in Iganga district allegedly by the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI). He is reportedly currently under military detention in Mbuya on charges of defamation and cyber-related crimes.

In the said book, Kakwenza writes about a greedy and incompetent dictator; Kayibanda who clings to power for 43-years. But later, Kayibanda’s property is nationalized, and he is succeeded by a new leader who appoints people on merit and eventually quits power - handing over successfully and peacefully. 

In another opinion titled; "Uganda perhaps needs own brand of democracy called 'Musevenocrazy'”, Kakwenza, says that President
Museveni is the worst president that Uganda has ever had. 
He has also been documenting on social media what he calls state killings and brutality while imposing the current coronavirus lockdown and has expressed interest in standing for Rubabo MP seat in the upcoming general elections. 
Lawyer Eron Kiiza filed an application before the court saying that Kakwenza’s detention was illegal, arbitrary, inhumane, and unconstitutional because it tantamount to abuse of the legal process and psychological torture.    

The application was supported by Kakwenza’s family friend Watson Atukwasize who said he was informed by Kakwenza’s wife, Eva Basiima that her husband had been arrested.

Basiima says that at the time of his arrest, Kakwenza was asked to surrender his phones, national identification card and a laptop which he did before he was directed to dress up properly and head to Kampala.

"Subsequently, the applicant was arrested and bundled into a white car with a government number plate,” said Atukwasize in his affidavit. 

High court judge, Esta Nambayo directed that the government and its security agencies produce Kakwenza before court on April 27. The order was directed at the attorney general, the inspector general of police, the chief of defense forces and the director is CMI.
International human rights organisation, Amnesty International has demanded for the immediate release of Kakwenza. 


0 #1 Nalongo Mutiima 2020-04-21 12:51
The Greedy Barbarian, What a beautiful title of a book!
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0 #2 Jama 2020-04-21 16:15
Is this one of the fruits of liberation from oppression to tyranny and totalitarianism?
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+1 #3 Akot 2020-04-21 17:51
[The High court in Kampala has directed government to produce novelist and government critic, Kakwenza Rukira Bashaija and explain why he has been in detention for more than the mandatory 48 hours.]

Does this make sense to any one?

Is it the Ministry of Justice through High Court handling justice or government?

Ah! High Court waited for Museveni to give directive as to what to do with Dr S.Nyanzi & when the dictator didn't say a world, court imprisoned sister Dr Nyanzi for mocking Museveni!

Now, High Court is wiating for government to bring
Kakwenza Rukira Bashaija in detention, beofre court!!!

But of course, every institution is controlled/owned by Museveni & even the educated go along as if this is normal!

What will Ugandans do when Museveni/government will be no more?
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0 #4 sn 2020-04-21 22:20
Communism in disguise.
Corruption at it's best.

Nepotism per excellence.
Dictatorship and greed unlimited.
Incompetence unparalleled.
We have a form of colonialism.
Uganda under siege by power of the gun.
Patriotism zero.
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