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All today's 231 samples test negative for coronavirus

All today's 231 samples have tested negative at the Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI), a statement from the ministry fo Health says. 
Uganda's confirmed cases remain at 52 as of April 6, 2020. A total of 3,160 cumulative samples have been tested to date according to the ministry.
Neighbouring Kenya confirmed 16 more cases today taking its national tally to 158. It also recorded two more COVID-19 related deaths taking its total deaths due to coronavirus disease to 6. Tanzania’s cases rose to 24 after two new cases were registered today. 
Elsewhere in Africa, Algeria has registered 103 new cases and 21 new deaths. Neighbouring Morocco registered 10 new deaths and 99 new cases taking its national tally to 1,120 cases.
8 new cases have been registered in Cameroon while Senegal also registered 4 new cases today. DR Congo registered 7 new cases while Togo also registered 8 new cases. In Mali two more new cases were registered and one case in Ethiopia.
Gabon registered 3 new cases while Benin registered one new case. Seychelles also registered one new case taking its national tally to 11. Malawi’s cases have risen to 5 following one new confirmed case.

A total of 4,376 new deaths have been recorded today and 55,830 new cases globally. 851 deaths have been registered in USA, 528 deaths in Spain, 636 deaths in Italy, 833 deaths in France, 439 deaths in the UK, 78 deaths in Germany, 185 deaths in Belgium, 136 deaths in Iran. Sweden which largely hasn’t implemented any lockdown measures has registered 76 deaths today taking its total deaths to 477. 

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