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Japan donates sanitizer for Coronavirus

The fight against the Coronavirus has taken on global proportions with the cases in china now said to have risen to over 70,000 and over 1,000 cases reported elsewhere in the world.

The COVID19 (Corona Virus) Outbreak is a viral disease that is spread when humans come into contact with droplets of fluid from an infected person. Uganda on its part has put in place various mechanism to prevent, detect and respond to any likely cases in the country since the confirmation of its outbreak in china.

For this very reason, he Japanese international Cooperation agency (JICA)  on February 24 handed over 6,000 litres of hand sanitizers worth Shs 100 million to the ministry of health to boost its efforts in preventing and controlling the Corona virus.

The hand sanitizers that will be supplied to areas and health facilities at Entebbe international Airport, Entebbe hospital and Naguru referral hospital have been designated as an isolation area suspected cases

So far, no cases of coronavirus have been reported but the ministry of health is on alert at all points of entry in the country to curb any cases in the event that they use any of the border entries into Uganda.

Speaking that the handover ceremony in Kampala, Dr Henry  Mwebesa the Director-General, ministry if health thanked JICA for their continuous support towards the health sector through the ministry of health which has been timely during such epidemics.

“We are using this disinfectant in very any areas in ours hospitals for the control of these epidemics (Corona and Ebola) and it is actually what is being used at Entebbe and all the different points of entry,” Mwebesa said.

Dr Mwebasa also emphasized the need for more effort in the prevention exercise in order to cover more ground since the corona threat is all over the country due to presence of border.


+3 #1 Zaitun 2020-02-26 10:38
What a joke to note that up to this moment, our dearly celeberated bushmen could not equip Hospitals with hand sanitizers.

You spend billions on nothing but get very proud when receiving such simple items from Foreign Diplomats items as gifts!!

I sometimes think that even our supposed to be responsible civil servants have lost their face value. These products are in abundance in the country, supposed to be freely sold in super markets where every family that has the means could buy them for hyginic purposes- when coming from toilets, in hospitals and dispensaries etc. for example.

Uganda has still a long way to walk when dealing with public health problems, leave alone other areas.
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+1 #2 Lakwena 2020-02-26 15:14
But I think the problem of deadly flue viruses like the Corona Virus is as a result of viral Darwinism (survival for the fittest). E.g., the label on scotching powder VIM says, "It kills 99% of germs".

Logically it is the 1% of the germs which are not killed by VIM or JIK that becomes the deadly and menacing Corona Virus.

In other words, in order to build our bodily immunity we need some dirt/filth and/or bacteria. E.g., why don't lunatics who wallow in garbage heap don't get diarrhea

That's also some of the problems related to abuse of antibiotics.
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