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Kanyamunyu had murdered Akena's belongings - brother

Mathew Kanyamunyu and Cynthia Munangwari in court earlier

Mathew Kanyamunyu and Cynthia Munangwari in court earlier

The brother of Kenneth Akena who was shot dead in November 2016 has pinned the main suspect Joseph Kanyamunyu and his Burundian girlfriend Cynthia Munangwari in the alleged murder. 
John Nyeko told court today presided over by Justice Steven Mubiru that he spent the entire day time with the deceased before his life was cut short on November 12, 2016.
Nyeko is the seventh prosecution witness to testify against Kanyamunyu, the director Quantum Express Logistics and Munangwari in the murder of child rights activist, Kenneth Akena.
According to Nyeko, they had planned to meet with Akena again in the evening at Kyadondo Rugby Grounds at around 6 pm. Nyeko says he arrived at Kyadondo at around 7:30 pm but Akena was nowhere to be seen. He decided to call him on phone but there was no response, which prompted him to start looking for him physically.  

Nyeko told court that he later received a phone call from his other brother identified as Jordan indicating that Akena had been shot and was admitted at Nakasero hospital. According to Nyeko, he rushed to Nakasero hospital and found the gate locked and was only allowed in after identifying himself as Akena's brother.

He explained that while at Nakasero hospital, Kanyamunyu asked him if he was the one who had called Jordan before he informed him of Akena’s condition, saying he had rushed the deceased to hospital as a Good Samaritan after being shot at Kyadondo.  

Nyeko said he left Kanyamunyu and stormed into the emergency ward where he found two doctors attending to Akena. He explained that Akena who was still able to speak told him that the man who brought him to hospital, Kanyamunyu had shot him at Game Store parking space as he was trying to apologise for scratching his vehicle.  

According to Nyeko, he was then taken to Wandegeya Police Division later where he recorded a statement together with the accused persons before returning to the shooting scene to search for Akena's vehicle, which was still parked opposite Malik car bond.  

He explained that when he returned to Nakasero hospital, doctors informed him that they had concluded the first procedure to save Akena’s life and transferred him to Norvik hospital where he breathed his last a few hours later because their intensive care unit (ICU) was filled to capacity.  

Nyeko revealed that while at Norvik hospital, two gentlemen who identified themselves as Joseph and Moses approached him, saying they were willing to help Akena’s relatives to clear the medical bills and they exchanged contacts. He, however, said the men didn’t show up again after Akena was pronounced dead.

The witness disclosed that after Akena’s funeral, he was taken to police parades at Jinja road and Kira road police stations to identify the men he had met at the hospital. He was reportedly able to identify the accused persons and Akena's belongings including keys, two mobile phones, and shoes that were reportedly recovered from Kanyamunyu’s car.  

Earlier on, Rose Kadde, a groundnut hawker and an eyewitness told court that while winding up her business on the fateful day, she saw a medium-sized man and woman from a Land Cruiser charging towards a man in a smaller car. 

According to Kadde, she saw the accused persons lifting the man from the smaller car and placing him in their car but couldn’t understand what was going on.

Court adjourned the hearing to allow for other prosecution witnesses to testify in the matter. Prosecution alleges that on November 12, 2016 along Kampala-Jinja highway near Malik car bond, opposite the main gate of Uganda Manufacturer’s Association in Lugogo Nakawa Division, the accused persons shot dead Akena. 

The accused pleaded not guilty, saying they only helped to rush the deceased to court when they found him injured.


+2 #11 WINNER 2020-02-05 15:01
Quoting WADADA rogers:
What i know for a fact is that the Kanyamunyu will be put to his defense because of the gasps created by the prosecution, which can only be clarified by the accused person after hearing from him, the girl will be let off the hook.

However, that will mark the end of the case as Kanyamunyu will NEVER be found guilty. Am told even the killer pistol has never been recovered and nobody seems to know who its owner was.

The pistol Will be found at the gates of heaven and justice shall prevail.

The Acholis have lost but aren't defeated but it they who pervert justice are the losers and defeated because they don't have the fear of him who can destroy both soul and body.

One day those who are crying today will be rejoicing while murderers and perverts of the kanyamunyu type of this world will grind their teeth, there's time for everything and everyone.
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0 #12 Wooden K. 2020-02-05 16:22
Hello Wadada

your problem is that you base your opinion on faulty reporting .

For example ,
1- you say that Nyeko "did not even provide phone numbers "
But the record is that Nyeko said " they exchanged contacts " and " .. the men didn`t show up again after Akena was pronounced dead".
"cantacts" does bot Always refer to phone numbers.

2- you say that "Kadde saw the accused persons lifting the man from a smaller car.."

But the( other) record is that Kadde saw two people charging towards a man in a smaller car .. when she looked again , she saw three people , i.e the accused and a man in white shirt, standing between two cars "
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+3 #13 Wooden K. 2020-02-05 16:36
..so , Kanyamunyu and Muswangari will be acquited not because of "contradicting " evidence , but because of who( tribe) they are , the money they have to pay Kabega , and the status ( tribe) of the victim

If this was a REAL search for Akena`s justice, any smart prosecutor could have used ( leaned on hard) Munyangari as a state witness . These two could have been separated and not allowed the opportunity to corroborate Kanyamunyu`s testimony

The altanative would be charge them differently : she as an accomplice to murder ; him for murder
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0 #14 john alfred 2020-02-05 17:50
There is no genuine justice here on earth,if i know i committed a crime, i rather admit, repent and face justice according to the Laws of the land rather than wasting court time and trying to 'tame' God.

Of course God will give what is worth the crime u have committed.. The case George Agaba of KCCA should serve as an example
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+1 #15 Wooden K. 2020-02-05 19:25
The pistol ???

The record is that Kanyamunyu called his brother . Joseph and Another reltive who is a Police Officer when Before he drove Akena to hospital . Joseph, and Moses met Kanyamunyu and he gave them a pistol plus a black bag . this was in the parking yard.

This expalins why the pistol dissappeared .

Phone records will / can show that Kanyamunyu called his brother immediately after the shooting incident .
If Kanyamnyu and his girlfriend were merely doing Good Samaritan .. why did he have to call his relatives ?

Why did Joseph and Moses have to go to Norvik Hospital if Kanyamunyu was simply helping a shooting victim ?
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