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Uganda, N.Korea ranked worst in sim-card registration

Uganda is among the top 15 countries with the worst sim-card registration policies, Comparitech a technology research company in England and Wales has revealed. 

Uganda scored 15 points out of a possible 21 – the same as North Korea, a country known for trampling on the privacy of its citizens. The lower the points the better the policies of a country with 21 being the poorest. Uganda's sim-card registration policy is only better than Tanzania's and Saudi Arabia's - the lowest-ranked countries. 

Uganda's policy requires all its citizens to register all their sim-cards and one individual can use up to ten cards. Whereas the researchers found that Uganda doesn’t restrict the number of sim-cards used and enforces the requirement of a warrant to access customer data, the country’s poor score is due to its biometric checks for sim-card registration.

Also, researchers were critical of country’s capture and validation system, its lengthy storage retention laws where data collected can be retained for at least 5 years after a contract for use of the card is terminated. Tanzania scored 19 points, ranking the worst country with poor registration policies. 

Researchers said data in Tanzania isn’t protected with storage limitations and with no data protection law in place, this leaves subscribers’ data open to various vulnerabilities. Dar Es Salaam also fines those who don’t comply with the registration laws.

Kenya and Rwanda were ranked favourably and are not among the top 15 countries with poor sim-card registration policies. Last year, Uganda passed The Data Protection and Privacy Act 2019, tasking collectors to adopt appropriate, reasonable, technical and organizational measures to prevent loss, damage, or unauthorized destruction and unlawful access to or unauthorized processing of the personal data.

Uganda started a mandatory sim-card registration in 2012, majorly to fight crime. 


+6 #1 Lysol 2020-01-10 22:59
Uganda and North Korea have many similarities.

Not to mention both are oppressive corrupt regimes and have the monarchy tendency. Handing over power from father to son, or brother (half) or even to a kindergarten teacher?

What is the point to register sim-cards anyway.?Just to spy on the imaginary enemies. Anyway both leaders of those countries are paranoid.
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0 #2 Lakwena 2020-01-13 08:28
In other words, they are statists, fascists and ideologically bankrupt birds of the same feathers.

E.g. why our government reject its own official document like the passport, for the registration and/or validation of SIM cards? Yet the Ugandan passport is the same document by which other countries recognize her citizens when they are in those countries.

The irony or fascist and statist madness is: why does our government accept and recognize the passports of other foreign citizens and even refugees who simply walk into the country, apply, register and acquire SIM cards, presto, but denies her citizens the same?

Likewise, the same government, does not recognize the Driver's License/Permit, which it issues as an official Photo ID.

In the US e.g., the Driver's License/Permit and the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) Card are the officially recognized ID, even for foreigners.
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0 #3 Lakwena 2020-01-13 08:48
In other words, in as far as the registration of SIM cards is concern; why does the NRM leadership make life impossible for Ugandans, over the National ID?

If it is to prevent crime, since time immemorial, criminals and crime will always be with us. E.g., (Bible) didn't even Cain murder his younger brother Abel in the hearing and presence of God?

Isn't Mr. M7 who is over-emphasizing the NID vis-a-vis the registration of SIM card a self-confessed criminal (went to the bush- committed treason, robbed banks [BoU Currency Center, Kabale and Masindi UCB Branch])?

Besides, how much revenue and/or taxes have the phone companies/government lost because, without the NID, one cannot register SIM card? I am sure since 2012, it must be in hundreds of billion shillings. because of this silliness;
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