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Civilian grabs gun, shoots police officer dead in Moyo

A police officer attached to the anti-stock theft unit in Metu sub-county in Moyo district, northern Uganda, has been shot dead by a civilian. 
Majid Moro was shot dead by his own gun on Tuesday afternoon as he tried to save a suspect accused of murdering two young boys from being lynched by a mob in Onyire village in Moyo sub-county.
According to Moyo district police commander, Shafick Kasujja, an unknown civilian grabbed a gun from Moro and shot him dead before fleeing into hiding. 
"We got information that there is some mob in Lugoba, so we sent there our police officers to see whether the information is true. Reaching at the place, these people were in a meeting. At the end of the meeting, these people were forcing a certain person that he should cater for the burial expenses.
When this man refused, these people charged and started stoning and the police officers tried to save this man from being killed. They ran with him up to the main road and reaching the main road, these people had waited for them. They grabbed the gun from one of the police officers and shot him and left the gun on his body." said Kasujja. 
Moyo deputy resident district commissioner, Gore Goffin has condemned the incident and called for calm from residents as they hunt for the killer. Several residents have fled the village following the shooting of the police officer. Moyo sub county LC III chairperson, Daniel Buni has appealed to residents to return home as calm has returned to the village.  

About two months ago, a refugee grabbed a gun from a police officer in Palorinya in Obongi district and shot him. The officer was rushed for treatment in Kampala.


0 #1 Wainaichi 2020-01-08 07:29
Look at Ugandans,!!!!! Is that normal??

Tough medicine to bitter wounds. Police have no mercy hit thighs hard or you will be taken in the shield.Them ,criminals or you.Di not for alone in the crowd!!!
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0 #2 WADADA rogers 2020-01-08 13:27
There is alot of anger in this country that i fear for the future of the upcoming generations., anger management is in negatives.

Should we ever have a civil war in this country, there will be alot of destruction of property and blood shed
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0 #3 Lakwena 2020-01-09 08:27
This is one of the virtues of Mr. M7 demystifying the gun. Grab the gun from the police/soldier, shoot him/her dead and place the gun over his body and walk away.

In other words, Shafick Kasujja did exactly what Mr. M7 did 35 years ago to an Ugandan on duty.

Shafick Kasujja act is just one of the writings on the wall that many Ugandans are on the brink/edge and taking the law into their hands is becoming justifiable easier everyday.

The moral question is: didn't Mr. M7 who is now the president of this country do such a thing at a roadblock in Mayuge? Yes he did: he and driver murdered a UNLA soldier who was manning a roadblock to check NRA rebels subversive activities.
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0 #4 Wainaichi 2020-01-12 06:18
@Lakwena. You are talking nonsense. During that time you were still in your father's testicles.

However I am the living witness from those horrible times. UNLA was torturing and killing its citizens and to ing and rapung.UPDF is doing the opposite.

It is defending you and me and bomber 49 million of Ugandans.

You arecrhug and sedi g your bullahit trying to destroy Yganda.Tey to take weapons from soldiers and policemen and you will face the music.These are now different times In America if you did that you would be sent to the gas chamber.

Here I would propose to our Governmemt that if they catch Lakwena taking illegally arms from our security to gang you around the neck until you make your final breath.Rotten in Hell.
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0 #5 Lakwena 2020-01-13 10:35
Quoting Wainaichi:
@Lakwena. You are talking nonsense. During that time you were still in your father's testicles.

However I am the living witness from those horrible times. UNLA was torturing and killing its citizens and to ing and rapung.UPDF is doing the opposite.


Wainainci, from 1981, in order to destabilize Uganda wherefrom did Mr. M7 and the NRA get the 27 guns to start killing innocent Ugandans (policemen)? They got the guns by first of all raiding police stations/post in and around Luweero, and as near as Matugs e.g.

In other words Wainainci, the 27 guns lie can't fly. Mr. M7 was the Minister of Defense, there the thief who stole guns and UNLA uniforms and used them to commit atrocities in Luweero and blamed it on Obote and the UNLA. Ask Gen Otafiire.

When it comes to torture, for the first time; who used the Kandoya (Maoist) method of torture on Ugandans? Mr. M7.
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0 #6 Lakwena 2020-01-13 10:53
Wainainchi, who massacred the people of Acholi in Kona (corner) Kilak in 1987? Who massacred the people of Kasese in Nov 2016?

Who roasted the 79 Bateso in a Railway freight Wagon in Mukura Railway Station? Who suffocated 100 UNLA POW in a freight Container on the Kasese Mbarara Highway in 1985.

In other words, with evidences available (audio, video and still photographs) in 34 years, Mr. M7 as the commander in Chief of NRA/UPDF committed war crimes and crimes against humanity.

So be afraid. Since criminal cases do not rot, Mr. M7 and his accomplices will be prosecuted and executed, even posthumously.
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