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UPDF recruitment: 2 held over forgery

Army recruitment in Ankole sub-region

Army recruitment in Ankole sub-region

Police in the western Rukungiri district are holding two men accused of using forged documents to join the Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF).  

The suspects have been named as Deo Aikimana, a resident of Mpungu sub-county in the western Kanungu district and Andrew Twinamatsiko, a resident of Rwamabondo in Ntungamo district.   
Screening of recruits began on Sunday, January 5 in the western district and ended at 10pm at the former chief administrative officer’s residence in Rukungiri municipality. 

Maj Charles Kaboona, the UPDF 2nd Division public relations officer, said on Monday that Aikimana was arrested after presenting questionable papers of a Bachelor of Medicine degree from Kampala International University. 

He said Aikimana tried to give officers a Shs 50,000 bribe to release him soon after he was caught. According to Kaboona, Twinamatsiko was arrested after presenting fake recommendation letters from local leaders. Twinamatsiko was also on police’s wanted list for numerous offences, Kaboona said.  

Kaboona said only 78 out of 700 people who turned up from Rukungiri, Kanungu and Ntungamo districts were recruited. Eight of the successful applicants were female. 

He said many applicants were turned away because they were above the required age, lacked academic credentials and failed physical and health tests. The countrywide UPDF recruitment targeting 4,000 recruits started on December 27, 2019 and ended Monday night.



0 #1 Lysol 2020-01-08 00:11
Uganda military is not the most top 10 strongest in Africa. The NRA/UPDF is a personal militia of the corrupt regime. It's has no combat ready.

Only meant to harsh the regime's opponents and playing rent-a-cop(policing) in other failed states around the world just for financial and political survival of the corrupt dying regime. Many of our youngsters have died abroad, not to mention Somali and Iraq.
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0 #2 Wainaichi 2020-01-12 04:30
Of course you could expect venomous attacks from thugs and haters of Uganda as this bastard Lysil and Akot and others.

They hate modern Uganda and lime like Trump enemies those thugs ugly bittch Nancy Pelisy pencilneck Adam Shift who must be cousin brother of our big eyed boy Kuzza Ezza .

UPDF is one if the strongest armies in Africa and has tested its strength I various combat missions in Africa protecting Ade7cans as Pan Adrican force.

If course enemies like these hate our boys but this is a can do.Thumbs up for our caraegous and patriotic UPDF votes and girls.
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