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Criminal gangs wiped out in Kampala, Ntungamo - Museveni

President Museveni

President Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni has, in yet another letter to Ugandans, whom he has since christened Bazzukulu (grandchildren), said criminal gangs have now been wiped out in the areas of Kampala, Ntungamo and Lyantonde.

In the November 3 letter, Museveni says several criminal elements have been arrested or killed by the now swiftly responding police. Museveni also says both the police and the general public are now more vigilant and quick to report any suspicious people or activities in their neighbourhood.

Below is Museveni's full letter

Fellow Ugandans and, especially, the Bazzukulu

Greetings, after some weeks of absence. This time, I will, again, address you on the issue of combating crime because crime was appearing, again, after we had suppressed it with Operation Wembley in the year 2002.

The criminal groups, in recent times, had killed people in the areas of Kampala-Entebbe, Ntungamo, Lyantonde and the Kisoro areas. I have not yet received the report for Kisoro. However, for Kampala Metropolitan, Ntungamo and Lyantonde, the gangs have been wiped out. These gangs had killed 13 people, injured 2 and robbed Shs 24 million in total. 

20 of these groups have been arrested, 8 charged in courts of law, four guns have been recovered, and Shs 10million and 3 motor-cycles have also been recovered. 

Those who steal phones and motor-cycles sell them. The racket of the phone and car thieves have also been broken. As a consequence, 208 suspects have been arrested, 2,524 mobile phones, 141 motor-cycles, 25 TV sets and 280 laptops were recovered. 

Within this period, on account of the prompt response of the police and quick reporting by the wanainchi, three robberies were foiled. One robber in Kitezi was killed by the police, one was injured and arrested and one was arrested in Nsangi. 

Let us look at case by case. 

Ntungamo district: 

On the 10th, 16th and 24th of October, 2019, the criminals attacked: Ruhara trading centre; KK shop in Ntungamo trading centre; and Katojo Trading Centre. On the 10th of September, at around 19:40 hours, about 6 robbers that had masked their faces, with 2 SMG guns, attacked Ruhara trading centre.

They robbed a total of Shs 6 million from a one Kataiha and Baizire. They fired shots that left cartridges (ebishuuku), the police of Kiziinga responded but the thieves had left. 

On the 16th of September, 2019, at KK shop in Ntungamo town at 20:30 hours, masked men, with a gun, robbed Shs 4.5 million from Kakuru. They also robbed people that were nearby. They injured a one Kato. The police responded but the robbers had fled on motor-cycles. However, cartridges (ebishuuku) were recovered. 

On the 24th of September, 2019, the robbers, at 20:00 hours, attacked Katojo trading centre and robbed money and mobile phones from people and injured Turyasingura who, later, died. Ntungamo police was informed and they responded and arrested Kalanzi: who was part of the robbers.

It is from Kalanzi and the clues that were on him that the police came to know that the robbers of Ntungamo were the same that had killed Nabaasa in Rubaga and had robbed in Bulaga (Mityana) where they also killed Mutyaba Hussein, a boda boda rider that was among those pursuing the robbers after the robbery. What is most annoying is to find out that most of these suspects were former remandees who were released from jail in May, 2019. 

Those arrested in this gang include: 

Kalanzi, Nkurunziiza, Nuweagaba, Tumwine, etc. The killer gun SMG-No 1968XU2687 was captured from Ssekandi Yassin of Nalukolongo with 11 bullets. They had cut off the wooden butt, to make it easy to fit in the laptop bags. 

Therefore, the robbers and killers of Ntungamo, Rubaga, Bulaga, were the same people and most of them have been arrested and the gun recovered. The trigger point for the success in Ntungamo, was the vigilance of the DPC who deployed an ambush party at Kyamate that led to the capture of Kalanzi. 

In the case of Naggirinya, most of the suspected killers have been arrested. They are: Kasolo Lubega, Kalyango, Kisseka, Kateregga, Mpanga, Okiri Raymond. The other suspects not arrested but known are: Kisusu Isaac and a one Fred. 

There were a number of murders in Lyantonde district – part of the 13 murders mentioned above. In Lyantonde, a total of 6 people were killed and Shs 7 million robbed. All the killings in Lyantonde and the robberies were by gun No. 4813402 with 29 bullets. It was being used by army deserters and other soldiers still in service to steal money but also settle personal scores.

Rwabagabo, one of the people killed, was a father of two of these killers. He was killed with his wife, a stepmother to these killers. Kankunda and Katsigaire are suspects that are still at large. Those arrested include: Kakuru Benon, his brother Mwebaze Nathan, Ninyesiga etc.

The gun was robbed by Kakuru Benon from an LDU in Bundibudgyo for these purposes of robbing and killing. All the killings, according to forensic analysis, were by the same gun, as far as the killings of Lyantonde were concerned. Once forensic studies (studying the Bishuuku) showed that it was one gun, the police was able to use human intelligence, to identify the criminals. 

On account of some seriousness of the police, some robberies have been foiled. In Buloba, the thieves came to Mmacks maize milling factory. They found a sleepy security guard, whom they tied and robbed his gun and started stealing money and items in the factory.

However, one of the workers rang Buloba police station, which promptly responded. The police shot one of the robbers, Tamale Joseph, who was also captured. The security guard’s gun was recovered. The rest will be captured. 

In Kitezi, four robbers attacked a home of Sserwadda at Lusanja. The owners of the home rang the police of Kitezi, which responded promptly and found the thieves still struggling to break into the house. Led by ASP Omara, the police shot dead one of the robbers and the 3 others went with injuries. The dead thief, had some clues on him that will help the police to get the rest.

In Nsangi, the villagers saw people with a suspicious bag. They rang Maya police station which responded and arrested Kyazze Abdallah with an SAR gun No.11002647-101858, with 3 bullets. Kyazze was part of a group from Katwe on a mission of robbing. 

You all can see that what was missing was vigilance by the public and the police and increasing the speed of responding by the police. The cameras helped in a few cases. Forensic analysis of cartridges helped in all of them. Police dogs, helped a bit in the Ntungamo incidents. It is easy to defeat these criminals as I said from the very beginning. 

You can see, how the criminals are trying to use our good roads and the good telephone system to move from Kampala and commit crimes in Ntungamo or any other far corner of Uganda.

I will not use permanent road-blocks to catch them. It disturbs Nalumanya and Ssalumanya (the ones who are guilty and the ones who are not guilty). I will always use the technology of jigger extraction.

You do not hurt the toe because there is a jigger there. You patiently pull back the skin, until you extract the jigger itself and reward it with fire with little damage to the toe. 

I will say more next week.  

Yoweri K. Museveni



+4 #11 Zaitun 2019-11-04 16:00
"Criminal gangs wiped out in Kampala, Ntungamo - Museveni"
Are you sure of what you have written? Is this an insult or a dream you would like to share with Ugandans?

How dare you lie in broad day light when we all know that the chief of criminal gangs, the man who gives them guns and introduced the gun culture is hidding in the State House?

How sure are you when some of these gangs went to rob University students right in their Halls of Residence, when they go about on killing spree and no one brings them to book?

Do not take Ugandans for fools. We all know those who have been brought up in gun culture, who possess guns,who supplies them with guns, and who are the real thieves terrorising Ugandans and why.

Stop telling us stories as a way of sending us to sleep.
We all know from that day when Dr Kayira was assassinated in cold blood, the worst was on its way. From that day, these gangsters have grown in number.
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+1 #12 rubangakene 2019-11-04 17:50
You can never wipe out petty crimes until you solve why these people are committing such crimes; anger, hunger, and inequality.

You see, these people need some food in their stomachs, simple. Give them the long- term tools to feed themselves, not just the "odd brown envelop" here and there.

We still await the day when the REAL MONSTER CRIME - CORRUPTION IS wiped out; that will be the DAY!
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+1 #13 Ugthinker 2019-11-04 21:38
Criminal gangs will be wiped out the day the chief gangster will be ejected by Ugandans!

Any other statements whether by the chief gangster are meant to confuse society! Museveni came in riding on crime, ruled by crime but will surely be consumed by the fruits of crime from his own criminal seeds!
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-1 #14 Wainanci 2019-11-05 01:34
Guys!!!? You make me laugh laugh and laugh how stupid and evil you are,at least some of you crazy things.

But again,I hope my appeal will find fertile ground and you will be haunted like that dirty rat if ISIS who was running for cover in man made rats canals and was eventually cornered and blew himself up with three innocent children.

If I were in the Government,I would chase and trace you and then hang you for your balls untill the fall off and you cannot bullship and poison people.You rats and cowards.Yoh dirty pigs!!
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0 #15 Lysol 2019-11-05 01:42
Is this not some kind of excuse to wipe out Bobi Wine's supporters, in the name of fighting criminal gangs?

Why not produce those arrested in court for the public to see to give them the due-process of law?

As for the reference to jiggers; one can assume that as a poor child(looking after cows) without a pair of shoes, M7 might have suffered a lot from jiggers infestations. May be that is why he walks like a duck.
More to continue next week.
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0 #16 Lakwena 2019-11-05 08:16
Quoting Wainanci:
Guys!!!? You make me laugh laugh and laugh how stupid and evil you are,at least some of you crazy things.

But again,I hope my appeal will find fertile ground and you will be haunted like that dirty rat if ISIS who was running for cover in man made rats canals and was eventually cornered and blew himself up with three innocent children.

If I were in the Government,I would chase and trace you and then hang you for your balls untill the fall off and you cannot bullship and poison people.You rats and cowards.Yoh dirty pigs!!

Calm down Wainainchi!

In other words, is Mr. M7 who is yet to be officially charged and prosecuted a criminal or not?

E.g., by going to the bush which is a capital offense, did Mr. M7 go to the bush or not? Did Mr. M7 order the massacre of Acholi in Kona Kilak (1987) and in Kasese (2016) or not?
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-1 #17 Mubiru 2019-11-05 17:08
It just a waste of public funds and police time when the murderers like Sobi and countless others are just "arrested" and freed within hours on the so called police bond. In the criminal Uganda bail on police bond is the same as freedom for ever.

To win votes by hoodwinking Uganda that criminals have been eliminated in Kampala and Ntungambo as if the rest of Uganda sleeps in peace is another unfortunate empty propaganda typical of NRM regime
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+1 #18 Kikomeko 2019-11-05 18:40
There He goes again..Siasa created by NRA in the Bushes of Luweero where the Almighty saw to it that 1.000.000 Ugandan perish so that he can relinquish Power and Stay Forever...The Modus Operandi of this rouge Force has been Killing and Blaming...in 1980..Matayo Kyaligonza used to drive this Leyland Bus known as Kanywamusaayi from Kololo Summit to Down Town Kampala abducting Young Men to never be Seen Again..Quesition :: Were they Forcefully recruited in NRA?..Ugandans whether Bazzukulu or Bajjajja..wake Up from your ushered in Sleep..

Your Country has been Sold Out and All the Loot is in the Cellers of State House..in Cash..of every Currency..Yen,Dollars,Euro, name it..you will Find it there..All These Haox Operations..Wealth Creation or Prosperity for Himself are..Lies..
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0 #19 Kafeero T Denis 2019-11-12 17:32
Very many thanks Mr. President for the job well executed (taking a bull by the horn- killing the "terrorists". These thieves are indeed terrorists. I know by bringing Major General Muzeeyi Sabiti on board We are likely to have order again like was the case with Brigadier Elly Kayanja,s "operation Wembly".

NB: Some of us (Bazzukkulu) have got some ideas which can help our government even stabilize further, but lack the avenues to do so.

If you could give us some silent platform where We can meet you & brain storm, We could take our country to the next level & even completely eradicate the so called opposition in Uganda.
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