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Low clergy turn up for Bishop Hannington day angers Kadaga

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga was angry with the low clergy turn up in Mayuge

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga was angry with the low clergy turn up in Mayuge

The speaker of parliament, Rebecca Kadaga has lashed out at some of the Anglican bishops who failed to turn up at the Bishop James Hannington prayer service held in Mayuge district recently.

Kadaga who was presiding over this year’s celebration at the martyrdom site on Tuesday said she was disappointed that the Ugandan clergy hold the day in low esteem, yet the day is highly observed in Canterbury, the headquarters of the Church of England.

“Today is a special day [Bishop Hannington feast day] in Canterbury; October 29,  the Anglican faith hold special prayers in remembrance of Bishop Hannington but people here take this day as a joke yet Bishop Hannington is the first martyr in Uganda,” the visibly irritated Kadaga told worshippers amid cheers.

Kadaga without mincing words explained that she has been invited several times by the Anglican clergy in different parts of the country and has made it a point of being there only to realize that when events happen in her neighbourhood, the same people don’t appear.

“Another thing, this day is as if it’s a Kyando affair only; I’m not seeing the Bishop of Kigezi, Bishop of Gulu, Bishop of Mbale and Bishop of Ankole why are they not here?… Meaning this is none of their business and they are not concerned, how?” she wondered.

Kadaga added; “You will provoke me and I will stop officiating at your functions. I go to Luweero, Nakasongola, Ankole, Kitgum why are they (bishops) not here? Just one day in a year to be here… tell them I will stop attending their functions.”

Bishop Hannington, the first martyr in Uganda, was killed in 1885 alongside 48 of his 50 pages who were speared and stoned to death at present-day Kyando village in Mayuge district. Speaking in her local dialect, Kadaga was also concerned that despite October 29,  being declared a public holiday last year by President Yoweri Museveni, it has not yet been gazetted.

“His Grace I’m not happy, last year we were here and the president according to what the Church had explained to him, he decided to make this day a public holiday, the following day I met him and we agreed to work on the modalities."

Kadaga explained that she talked to the officials from ministry of Public Service and followed the discussion with a reminder in writing but nothing has been done to that effect. She instructed Aggrey Bagiire, the state minister of Works to follow up with the matter.

“This this is not a joking matter, I’m going to call the president and inform him that his directive was erased … we can’t go on like this, also Uganda Tourism Board’s (UTB) should take lead in preparations” she said.

Daudi Migereko UTB chairperson said this occasion should help increase the locals and country’s income; he urged the district officials to mobilize the people so that they can s do business during the celebrations.

Daudi Migereko makes his speech

“While Uganda would be benefitting from the religious tourism activities here, the locals should also take something home; we are not going to wait for international investors to come, invest and benefit alone but we are mobilizing that people also invest here, Kadaga’s issue is clear that UTB should take the lead role,” he said.



+1 #1 rubangakene 2019-10-31 22:06
LOOK WHO IS SPEAKING: It is the same government/parliament she subscribes to and presides over that is the problem.

You see they have "monetarised" religion such that without money, God means nothing to these lot.

Real religion has lost its meaning in Uganda nowadays; people prefer to pray and worship in their own homes without all the malarkey that goes in today's churches. they have taken over the running of schools, hospitals and many other institutions that used to flourish under church governance. "You have no place in heaven"!
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0 #2 rogers WADADA 2019-11-01 15:04
Bishop James Hannington my foot
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+2 #3 Odongkara 2019-11-01 18:43
Why is madame Kadaga ranting and yelping so much? Because of bishops failing to attend a religious function or because they didn't come to her backyard?

I will advise you to ask and find out which are the gazetted religious holidays by the Church of Uganda before you go ballistic with the bishops.

However I am sorry to note that you have monetised religion in Uganda and if Canterbury is remembering Hannington they are right to do so because he is one of their own but who doesn't matter to an Acholi or a Lugbara.
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+1 #4 kabayekka 2019-11-03 10:06
One is of the opinion that this unfortunate English Christian gentleman is very happy indeed in the heavenly hands of his God that the grandchildren of the people that murdered him are deeply Christians.

Every day of the week on Sundays, 52 days a year, these believers put down their tools of work and go to Christian churches to pray and to remember the many Christians who have given their lives in preaching the gospel of our Lord.

If the NRM is going to give all those killed Christians public holidays of their own so that NRM can win the majority of the people of Uganda's vote, how are the citizens of this country going to manage to make a living and to pay their taxes?
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0 #5 Muwanga the Ugandan 2019-11-03 14:16
All the time I have read comments here, I have seen intelligent and objective comments. (I'll come back to this).

Some Ugandans still suffer from the colonialist illness that some have called a mindset problem. From the above, we could say Kadaga too.

If the Church of England wants to celebrate their ancestor, let them go ahead. Ugandans do not need to celebrate English ancestors unless we still have an issue of mental slavery. No chains on our hands but in our minds.

We have our own ancestors and forefathers that contributed to our history and lives. Let us celebrate them.

Going back to the first statement: I request that the objective and intelligent people go back and research on the whole Uganda martyrs affair and pass your own verdict. Perhaps our school history on that matter may have been whitewashed.
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