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City lawyer dies after 'mob justice' attack

City lawyer, Peter Kibirango who was this week beaten by a mob allegedly led by an army officer Sgt Gad Twijukye, has died.

Kibirango according to Uganda Law Society (ULS) succumbed to injuries he sustained during the October 14 attack in Mutungo, Nakawa Division, in Kampala.
Kibirango has been in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Case hospital after he was evacuated from a mob accusing him of stealing Sgt Twijukye's phone.

Kibirango woes started on Monday this week when he went to a mobile money shop in Mutungo, Nakawa Division, in Kampala and reportedly left with a phone he found at the counter by mistake.

Deputy Kampala Metropolitan police spokesman, Luke Owoyesigyire said following Kibirango's death, the case file has now changed from attempted murder to murder. Sgt Twijukye who is attached to Nakasongola military school was on Thursday night arrested by Flying Squad Unit in connection to Kibarango's attack. 

"He is dead. It is now murder. Unfortunately, all others (suspects) are still on the run," said Owoyesigyire.

Police on Thursday said that Kibirango went to a mobile money shop holding a charger and a phone in his hands. Owoyesigyire said that at the mobile money shop's counter was another phone belonging to Sgt Twijukye. 

Kibirango reportedly placed his phone on top of Twijukye's phone and after making mobile money transactions, he unknowingly picked both phones.

The deceased had just walked for about 100 meters when Sgt Twijukye noticed that his phone was missing. Twijukye and the mobile money operator only known as Ivan confronted Kibirango accusing him of stealing his phone. 

Kibirango denied stealing a phone saying he had only picked his and charger he came with. Kibirango asked Sgt Twijukye and Ivan to go with him to Mutungo police station which was a few meters ahead. 

But before they could reach Mutungo police station, Sgt Twijukye allegedly spotted the phone in Kibirango's pocket phone and at that moment Kibirango was subjected to endless slaps and kicks. 

His pleas for innocence and apologies fell on deaf ears. The growing mob was joined by boda boda riders and the beating continued. By the time Mutungo police arrived, Kibirango had been beaten to a pulp. He was rushed to the hospital and a hunt for his attackers started.


+1 #1 WADADA roger 2019-10-19 23:02
OMG, I knew this guys, one of the few straight lawyers we have in this country.

But somebody tell me, what is happening to our country, how do you beat somebody who has admitted having picked another's phone by accident and left his behind.

Is it poverty that has led Ugandans to amass alot of anger, is it stress or hatred
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+2 #2 sula 2019-10-19 23:21
speechless ! the country is angry ! more shocking things yet to come.

We have to pray for the family.
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+2 #3 Zaitun 2019-10-20 09:26
What sort of intended crime it was! Kibirango was killed just because, as a straightfoward lawyer, he was to be silenced so that the unruly govt. continues unchallenged.

The evil ones were just waiting for a chance to silence him.

Sgt Twijukye, who believes that this country belongs to him and his kins and all those who took these killers for their saviors, must must be brought to book and account for this uncouth behaviour.

I would only wish that during his trial, not even a learned lawyer should come to their pleas, for they are the types who believe in a lawless state.

How these people are killing innocent Ugandans just for pleasure!!

May your soul rest in Eternal Peace, Peter Kibirango. At least you are now watching the evil being done to Ugandans from the above. Your untimely death will not be for invain.
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-3 #4 Mudib Uganda 2019-10-21 08:45
Sorry about the death of a brother but guy let's not be political in this. How could he make two mistakes all over a sudden?

There were signs of robbery in kibirango. Placing your phone onto mine and at the time picking you take both? Let's be realistic. At least u can feel heavy
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0 #5 Tabula 2019-10-21 14:02
He is a lawyer, and I am assuming he was coming from his office.
Lawyers normally put on jackets or suites.

How could he be so casual with his phone in the present Kampala, where thieves " rule the roost"?

He could have put his phone in the jacket or his trouser pockets after all phones these days are small enough to fit in any pocket

Its unfortunate that such an important member of the society could loose his life in such a senseless way.
May his soul rest in peace.
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0 #6 Lysol 2019-10-21 22:53
Uganda has many fake lawyers. He might have scammed someone, so they had to kill him.

Lawyers are the biggest scammers.
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