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Gov’t withdraws measles vaccine from health facilities

The Ministry of Health is to withdraw all measles vaccines from all health facilities across the country. 

The move follows the introduction of the new measles-rubella combination vaccine that is deemed more effective in fighting the two deadly viral infections among children.

On Wednesday, the national mass vaccination campaign targeting 18 million children below 15 years against polio, measles and congenital rubella infection started. The campaign is funded by the government of Uganda; GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance; the United Nations Children’s Fund; and the World Health Organization (WHO).

The vaccination campaign was launched on Wednesday at Kitgum Public primary school and a total of 1,117 pupils are expected to receive polio, measles and rubella vaccination.

Dr Patrick Asibo, the central supervisor for Kitgum district campaign on measles and rubella mass vaccination says all measles vaccines will be withdrawn after the five days’ mass vaccination exercise.

Asibo says previously the ministry had been administering only measles vaccines without the component of rubella vaccines adding that it was only effective in treating measles. He notes that the new combination vaccine will be administered to all children irrespective of whether they had been vaccinated a few days earlier.

Asibo, however, ruled out any complications from the campaign and notes that the new vaccine is a booster dose that will help boost immunity a child gained from previous immunization. He called on parents to embrace the campaign for the healthy growth of children.

Dr Alex Olwedo, the Kitgum district health officer (DHO) lauded the initiative from the ministry given the previous measles outbreak history registered in the district.

He says the district is well equipped to undertake the vaccination campaign adding that they will strive to undertake 100 percent vaccination of all children. Dr Olwedo assured children and parents that the vaccines are safe and won't cause any adverse health complications.


+1 #1 WADADA roger 2019-10-17 22:05
This is an under cover scheme by the Bill Gates foundation to inject our children with vaccines that will definitely have negative effects on these children in future.

These white fellows have never had love for us to donate free vaccines to us and force our governments to make the programme compulsory.

There is a sinister motive that our leaders see but have ignored because of the benefits that come with the scheme.

Did you realise that the mass immunization was not compulsory in international schools. It is the common man's child that is being given deadly vaccines that will certainly introduce new diseases or stop them from having children in future.

It is a pity that our ministry of health can accept a drug that has not been tested anywhere before to be injected into our children. The world health organisation i a mafia system.
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+1 #2 Lysol 2019-10-17 23:21
Uganda has became a clinical trials/guinea pigs for for all kinds of vaccines and medications because of the corrupt nature of the country and the regime.

Many medications or vaccines takes up to 15 years before it's approved by the USA's FDA. . Uganda always gumbles with those clinical trials (like HIV).

The participants in those clinical trials should always be paid or enumerated. Ugandans are now the guinea pigs of most foreign pharmaceutical companies without even getting paid for it. Of course the corrupt regime pockets the money.
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+1 #3 peterson 2019-10-18 13:50
lets warn our generation guyz....i read about countries that rejected measles combined with rubella...and japan the country that had the oldest living humans had amazing finding after realising the risk of autism(attack on the nervous system),deformation of children and the weak one could die as we saw polio sabin in the 90s here in uganda.

They made it clear that measles should be vaccinated separately and then later rubella alone but not all three LIVE VIRUS at the same time in the body...Poor ugandan medical team is now busy planning to remove single measles injection hence making the world population control agency HAPPY....we are doomed as Ugandans
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+1 #4 Deno deno 2019-10-19 09:27
This is a mafia program that's how AIDS came and now we are living in tears, the pressure and the zeal in this program without any prior plans for shows there is a hidden agenda behind this program why is it not compulsory in international Schools and why below 15yrs, does some one become immune automatically after fifteen or the vaccines that was used within the past fifteen we're not genuine because here in Uganda it's very dangerous to believe easily there could be a mafia who want to supply vaccines our friend Tamale mirundi has taught us many about mafias and this could be a mafia program!
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