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Police constable commits suicide after killing girlfriend

Ernest Kasadha, a police constable attached to Buwuni police post in Bulesa sub county in Bugiri district has committed suicide after killing his girlfriend, Robinah Namugisa.

Kasadha is said to have shot Namugisa twice in the head around 9:30pm on Sunday night before turning the gun on himself. An AK-47 rifle with 18 rounds of live ammunition was found besides the two lifeless bodies.

According to preliminary information, trouble started after Namugisa, who has been a resident of Budhumbuli village in in Jinja town received a phone call leading to a fight. Amina Isabirye, the Buwuni village LC 1 chairperson, says the couple has been prone to endless fights.

"Kasadha has been here only five months but Namugisa has complained about his behaviour at least two times. I even engaged the two but instead Kasadha told me that Namugisa, who only pays him visits every weekend, is unfaithful," she said.

James Mubi, the Busoga East Region police spokesperson confirmed the incident, saying the bodies of the two former lovebirds have been taken to Bugiri general hospital for postmortem.


0 #1 WADADA roger 2019-09-30 19:01
Childish, stupidity, so what point has Kasadha proved by killing Namugisa, in the end, he seemed to have realised the consequences of the killing and what would happen next, jail.

H ear unfaithful, if you cant put up with the smoke, you get out of the kitchen, period. Was she the last born of women?

Nobody should take his or her life because of somebody else, i hear even Jesus confessed to his father that the burden cast upon him to allegedly die for humanity was too much for him to bear.
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0 #2 kabayekka 2019-10-01 02:10
Trauma these security agents are experiencing in their national and international work is part of the issues.

The African military government that this country is proud of must start to do something about this dangerous stress. It neglects it at its own peril.
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+1 #3 Kelly 2019-10-01 12:25
I would like to commiserate with both (the alleged killer and the victim) for as kabayekka has rightly put it, the officers and men in the armed forces have a lot going on in their lives to the extent that they find solace in alcohol, women/men and crimes.

It all stems from the kind of dehumanizing agony and squalid living conditions they are subjected to or rather discarded to by the NRM regime who argues that “when we were in the bush, we didn’t have the ‘luxuries’ these policemen and soldiers have”. Sheer stupidity!!!

From surviving in tinned- roofed, miniature, humid and blazing hot structures (mama ingiya pole) barely 16sq metres moreover 3 families in one, to receiving daily rations of expiring posho and rotten beans to saluting a VIP on empty stomach; children dumped in police schools….yet in all these it is not at will that you can quit.

We are all at risk of these wretched of the earth turning their barrels at us.
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