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NRM wins Hoima, Kaabong by-elections

Harriet Mugenyi Businge earlier campaigning with President Museveni

Harriet Mugenyi Businge earlier campaigning with President Museveni

The ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) flag bearer has won the Hoima by-election by more than 4,621 votes.

According to results announced by the Electoral Commission at about 3 am today, the NRM candidate, Harriet Mugenyi Businge garnered 33,210 votes against 28,589 votes for the joint opposition candidate Asinansi Nyakato.

There were reports and counter-accusations of voter bribery and rigging by both camps. The seat fell vacant after the incumbent Tophace Kaahwa Byagira opted to represent the people of the newly created Kikuube district that was carved out of Hoima and became operational on July 1, 2019.


Likewise, Christine Nakwang Tubo, the NRM candidate is the new Woman MP for Kaabong district. She was declared the winner by the district returning officer, Julius Ogwang Ongom at the tally centre in Kaabong Community Hall. 

Nakwang was competing with FDC’s Judith Adyaka Nalibe who quit the electoral race over alleged limited support from her party. Adyaka fled the district weeks before the Thursday polls. She even failed to turn up to cast her own vote at Camp Swahili NUSAF Community Hall.

Nakwang garnered 22,532 votes against 1,692 votes gained by Adyaka. She told journalists that her priority will be vested in improving health, education and agriculture in the district. Nakwang led in all the polling stations with a big margin.

She is returning to parliament after losing the seat to Rose Lilly Akello in another by-election in 2017.



0 #21 Paulk 2019-09-29 08:28
Despite the NRM rigged win, the people power lead opposition put up a good show in Hoima. This was an area nearly 100% NRM but in just a few weeks of campaigning the opposition got a respectable 45%.

Voter turn out was less than 50% due to intimidation by the security forces. Imagine if it was 80% even rigging wouldn't have worked.

People should just maintain the pressure by voting massively and being vigilant to overwhelm the rigging machinery. At least we know that the Americans are getting tired of the dictator and we need to show them that Ugandas are fed up of him too.
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0 #22 MF Rainbow 2019-09-29 13:35
Quoting Mama Mia:
NRM Oyèeeèèeèe!!!!!!! Bobi Swine bakuwananyo kati tubale obululu. 2021 ogendakuswala oswaluke. Let's dance!!!!!!

Mama Mia in my language means mother [censored]er, so matter of decency can you forego such a name please?
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0 #23 MF Rainbow 2019-09-29 13:56
To claim to win an election is a different story from how the win was got!

Secretly the NRM knows it didn't win fairly but through fraud and rigging so morally they are not genuinely happy and celebrating but are downcast in shame.

And Uganda must prepare for the same win in the same style by the NRM come 2021, rest assured Second is going no where by hook or crook, come or come shine.

Ask yourself these questions: whose oil? Whose money from Somalia and South Sudan? Whose Karuma dam? Etc.... with all these investments in the country do you think Museveni carries bananas in that head of his?

You better read into the Arua and Hoima elections and you will know that elections are a fuss whose purpose is to make his stay endorsed by the opposition.

What is the solution then? NRM requires the same prescription it gave the Obote 2 regime! Besigye knows the treatment because he did administer it first hand then and probably can still do again to the ailing colleagues. Forget NIRA idea!
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0 #24 Ugthinker 2019-09-29 22:07
Quoting juwait kali:

We all surpoted Besigye for the last 20 years with nothing to show for it. We have moved on now like it or not.

If we are to purposefully support and achieve the aim, ignoring strategic counsel from the tried and tested will only defer at best or at worst deny all of us the proverbial ngule!
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0 #25 Wainanchi 2019-09-30 08:02
Congratulatioooons N R M!!!! N R M!!!!!!!!!Neera, neera, neeraaaaaaaa!!!
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0 #26 Remase 2019-09-30 15:05
Ugthinker, "That’s exactly what Dr Besigye has always said! At One time Bobi on record, admonished KB for not believing in democracy! One wonders whether Uganda is a democracy, if not then all KB is saying is, it’s a waste of time focusing on elections alone!"

Our, Ugandans, problems is, we don't know what we want. When we do, the game will be over. Point is, we need to draw the line in the sand and say, M7, his family/relatives and cronies must go.

Period. When and how should be our focus. Yes, it wont be easy. It could probably take a life time. So be it. Once the line is drawn, our efforts should concentrate on the means, which should not include elections because they have failed and we all know that they will never cut it.
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0 #27 Mama Mia 2019-09-30 21:59
Quoting MF Rainbow:
Quoting Mama Mia:
NRM Oyèeeèèeèe!!!!!!! Bobi Swine bakuwananyo kati tubale obululu. 2021 ogendakuswala oswaluke. Let's dance!!!!!!

Mama Mia in my language means mother [censored]er, so matter of decency can you forego such a name please?

What is your language Mrs. Miserable Rainbow? Tujaguza!!!!!!!
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0 #28 Baali 2019-10-01 18:56
Shame upon you evil doer musevevi and to your father the devil; unless you repent and turn away from your evil ways, you’re onto your way to hell, take heed!
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