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Kutesa: Time for old politicians to cede power to younger generation 

Sam Kutesa with his daughter Shatsi Musherure Kutesa

Sam Kutesa with his daughter Shatsi Musherure Kutesa

At an event that was meant to promote good hygiene and a green environment in Sembabule, Foreign Affairs minister Sam Kahamba Kutesa shocked supporters when he announced his retirement from elective politics.

In parliament since 1980, Kutesa said at the weekend that the best option is for the older politicians to cede space to the younger generation. For his Mawogola North seat in parliament, Kutesa is fronting his daughter, Shartis Musherure Nayebare whom he says can build on his foundation to take the constituency to another level.

"The time now is for the young generation to take over," Kutesa said, drawing mixed reactions from his audience.

Taxi drivers and other onlookers at Sembabule taxi park ululated but the district's political class loyal to him appeared shocked.

"This is the time for the Shartis' (youths). You can see how she has managed to mobilise for this campaign  [Keep Sembabule Clean and Green] yet I couldn't, so, have trust in her, she will do a lot for the area," Kutesa said.

70-year-old Kutesa joined parliament in 1980 as a DP MP having defeated then UPM leader Yoweri Museveni in Mbarara North (present-day Nyabushozi). He served as attorney general in the Gen Tito Okello Lutwa's government before switching sides to join Museveni who led a led a successful five-year guerrilla war that brought the NRM to power in 1986. Besides serving Museveni in different cabinet dockets, Kutesa also has first family connections courtesy of marriages between their children.

During the 1994 Constituency Assembly (CA) elections, Kutesa shifted base to Mawogola which he represented in the CA that wrote the 1995 Constitution. He went on to win the subsequent elections, sometimes controversially sailing through unopposed.

Well-placed sources have told The Observer that Kutesa's announcement at the weekend came at Museveni's urging who reportedly advised him to take leave from active politics given the challenges he is facing on the international front.

He, for instance, is named in a corruption scandal which led to the conviction of a Chinese businessman, Patrick Chi Ping Ho who allegedly gave Kutesa a $500,000 bribe while he (Kutesa) served as president of the UN General Assembly.

While Museveni promised to protect Kutesa, the minister is said to have rejected Museveni's suggestion that he even threatened to return to his old political home; the Democratic Party.

His political nemesis, Lwemiyaga MP, Theodore Ssekikubo argues that because Kutesa did not like what Museveni told him, it is the reason why he told his audience at the weekend that the old guards need to cede space for the young generation.

"His statement was very pregnant, he was trying to tell Museveni that "if you want me to retire, you should also retire," it was a message to Museveni," Ssekikubo said. 


By 2021, he will have made a quarter of a century as Mawogola MP, a period which has been characterised by fights with Ssekikubo. In their fight for supremacy over Sembabule's political affairs, the two politicians created rival camps that have in some incidences drawn guns at each other.

Ssekikubo inherited the rivalry from the late former speaker of the Buganda Lukiiko (parliament) Dr Higiro Ssemajege who represented Lwemiyaga in the National Resistance Council (NRC) and the CA.

Ssemajege's rivalry started with Kutesa's fronting of his cousin Sam Rwakoojo - the current secretary of the Electoral Commission (EC) to the Lwemiyaga seat in the sixth parliament. Ssemajege returned the favour by backing Ssekikubo's successful parliamentary bid in 2001.

The two camps appear to be have developed cracks with some key figures in either camps like Woman MP Anifah Bangirana Kawooya no longer in good terms with Kutesa while the state minister for Animal Husbandry Joy Kafura Kabatsi switched to Kutesa's camp and is now plotting to challenge Ssekikubo in Lwemiyaga.

Kabatsi reportedly moved to Lwemiyaga after Kawooya declined to challenge Ssekikubo whom she sees as a strong politician with a tight grip on the constituency. At the time, Kutesa was seen to be preparing Musherure for the Woman MP seat forcing Kawooya to look for a new political home in Mawogola South currently held by Joseph Ssekabiito.

Musherure is not widely popular in the district. Until she picked political ambitions, she was only known as a non-resident managing director of Kutesa's Sembabule based Mbabule FM radio. In fact, many saw her for the first time last Saturday which may require the father to do a lot more to market her.
"Kutesa is still dicey, he is not categorical in his statements but by October, we will know the truth," Ssekikubo said.
She is likely to contest for the seat with Henry Kizza, an activist connected to Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi's People Power movement.


+1 #1 Lakwena 2019-09-17 10:27
In other words, what a country!

These guys should give Ugandans a break. Like a dead fish, Kuteesa bloated with corruption, still wants to carry forward the rot thru his daughter.

Since there is self-evidence that he received a US$.500,000 from Mr. Ho, I pray that the US/West also slaps on him and family members with a travel ban and the freeze of all ill-gotten assets in their capitals.

Eish! bashuma wachireeba?
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+2 #2 juwait kali 2019-09-17 10:32
Really Ugandans have acted so stupidly in the past and the alleged opposition not helping at all?

Imagine their family member is part of the EC. How can anyone with quarter of the brain expect to win any election under those settings. On the bright side they know now that the game is over I hope they do.
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+3 #3 WADADA roger 2019-09-17 13:53
Kutesa, i certainly dont like you but i like the statement of "........... Time for old politicians to cede power to younger generation............" I guess your message was intended or Directed at Museveni to give way in 2021 to Bobi Wine or somebody younger.

But i also want to tell you that it is wrong to impose your daughter on the people of Sembabule
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+1 #4 WADADA roger 2019-09-17 14:07
But for a guy who has amassed so much ill wealth, some times you have to sit back and eat the loot and wait for ICC to invite you and to be banned from visiting countries such as America for holidays and to collect rent or to withdraw money in foreign countries
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+1 #5 Mubiru 2019-09-17 17:11
The antics of self important zealots like Kutesa and their hypocrisy is bafflingly amazing.

They come to reason and utter some sense after they have eaten, enough to last them "forever".

What is the fuss about Bob Wine's appealing to the youth to take over from the aged and harass his group when he is fighting the very battle of empowering the youth which Kutesa is now bleating about?

To hypocrites like Kuteesa facts and indelible truth are elastic objects to be stretched whenever it suits their purposes of hand picking their daughters to inherit their constituencies as if representing the area is a family business.
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0 #6 rubangakene 2019-09-17 21:29
Well, well, well; I think that the USA has succeeded in warning these guys, enough is enough.

Now that you have no diplomatic protection and will be at large, they can pick you at their will in their own time.

What makes you think your daughter should replace you? don't you think that issue should be left to the constituents of Mawogola to decide?
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0 #7 Lysol 2019-09-17 21:46
Wicked smile corrupt SK. your time has been up a long time ago.

You bribed your way to be the UN so-called president, You are a fugitive wanted in the US and other countries under it's jurisdictions.

You should have been locked up by now. First, tell your boss/in law M7 to quit and go raise zebus (aka cows) to consume a lot of his dairy products.

Anyway many people are lactose intolerance, so drinking milk does not go well will a lot of people . It produces flatulence (and stomach bloating to appear fat) and too much mucus in the body.

Leave the youngsters to run the country with new ideas and modern technologies like the rest of the progressive world. A shame to see and old man trying to hard to be relevant like relevant boss until he drops dead. .
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0 #8 Stewart 2019-09-18 08:20
SK is one reptile that spolis the name of snakes.
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-1 #9 Wainanchi 2019-09-18 10:59
Minister Kutesa is he wants to retire it is OK.

Why anybody would impose conditions on others when he made mistakes?? If he really took the bribe money, then it is his fault and should feel the consequences.

Nobody is above the law even Sam Kutesa. Honorable Kutesa thank you for your good services for Uganda and good bye.

Enjoy your retirement and family.Thank you Sir!
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